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Ascentis Ascentis is a powerful integrated HCM Solutions for the Mid-Market which automates and streamlines core business processes that save time and money. Ascentis HRIS offers features such as increase employee engagement, capture and track what matters to users, ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance, comprehensive benefits administration, meaningful insights and trends, innovative employee communications, powerful reporting capability and fast and easy implementation. Ascentis Talent Management System offers features such as …Read More

Aruti HRMS

Aruti HRMS Aruti is a payroll and human resources management software. It is accepted globally, and its features include; Aruti payroll, loan and savings management handles the payroll and taxation process. It records salaries, deductions, and benefits associated with employees and reports them to the relevant authorities. These files are necessary for documents like 1094&1095, the COBRA, the Affordable Care Act and any other compliance and regulatory requirements. It is …Read More


NOVAtime NOVAtime is a scalable Time and Attendance software for small businesses or a worldwide enterprise operation which delivers robust solutions that still offer convenience and affordability, offers an extensive line of timekeeping systems and provides a dynamic, scalable, and high-quality time management systems that adapt to the growth of users’ business without requiring system upgrades or retraining of users’ staff. NOVAtime is fully equipped with badge time clocks, biometric …Read More

Celayix eTime Xpress

Celayix eTime Xpress Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time and on the go. Time Xpress automates and streamlines employee time collection from a variety of devices including mobile, web, tablet, or physical clocks, all in real time for up to date monitoring and payroll information. Time Xpress reduces time theft …Read More


Aladtec Aladtec is a sophisticated online application which runs on a secure and dedicated web servers and can be accessed by users’ administrator(s) and employees from any web browser on any computer, smartphone or other mobile device. Aladtec offers features such as availability submission, shift trading, shift sign-ups, time off requests, library, and the discussions forum as well as employee rotations (such as the Berkley, Modified Detroit, Modified Kelly, California, …Read More


Ento Ento is a software that integrates other software such as rostering, time and attendance, payroll and leave and the onboarding and workflows.For on boarding and workflows, new hires have the Ento application installed in their devices to make their familiarization with the work environment easier. These employees sign their employment contract and policies, digitally eliminating errors arising from the manual sign up. Ento allows managers to interact with new …Read More

Sentric Workforce

Sentric Workforce Sentric workforce management tool is a software that integrates CoreHR, Benefits administration, payroll, and attendance. The key features of this application include; HRIS (Human Resource Information system), Employee self-service, on boarding, recruitment, benefits administration, payroll, attendance, reporting, talent, and ACA compliance. Sentric brings together all of your workforce management needs. There are a lot of activities involved with payroll such as filing of taxes. Sentric files taxes within …Read More

StarGarden HCM

StarGarden HCM Stargarden is a workforce management application that combines five software: Authority Management, Federated Authority Management, Identity and provisioning, and business process management that work together to manage and enhance workflow efficiency. The authority management tool in the stargarden software is formulated for the effective administration of the council’s workforce in an organization. This tool ensures that information within the Human Resource management is shared accurately and consistently across …Read More


Planday Planday workforce Management app, integrates scheduling, communication, punch clock, reports and worker shift applications for efficient business management. Planday offers a staff management tool which has the employee availability tool, compliance, and employee groups and departments. The employee availability tool allows employees request their time off and fill in the hours that they have for work. This way, the system automatically denies any schedule entries to employees on leave. …Read More


ActionHRM ActionHRM is a cloud based software that automates all human resource processes from recruitment and training to payroll preparation. The human resource features included in this software include; core HR & self-service, recruitment, payroll integration, workflows, alerts & organization management, talent & performance management, training and development, workplace safety &compliance, time & attendance, reporting &business intelligence and on boarding & off boarding. These features allow the automation of workflow …Read More

The World’s Largest Automakers, By Market Value

Tesla is the World’s 4th Largest Automaker by Value This is despite only delivering 76,230 vehicles in 2016. The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. It’s been another breakout year for Tesla. Over the course of 2017, the company’s market capitalization has soared beyond those of major manufacturers like Ford, GM, BMW, Honda, and Nissan. This thrust can be partly attributed to the company’s …Read More

4 Mistakes I Learned About Marketing and Data While Working at a Fortune 50 Company

For the past nearly 3 years, I’ve been in charge of Audience Development for one of the largest media companies in the US. I learned a LOT during that time. Even more important, I learned a lot about what NOT to do. Not all of these things were personal ‘mistakes’ per se. Some were top down decisions that were influenced by lack of foresight, knowledge or budget. Others were due …Read More

How to Write a Blog Post (That Actually Gets Read)

Blogging lets you teach, inspire, and engage an audience—even drive traffic to your products—at scale. It gives individuals and brands an accessible way to share their voice. But that same ease also makes it hard to stand out, especially on an internet where it’s estimated that over 2.73 million blog posts are written every day and video seems to be the biggest crowd pleaser. But that doesn’t mean the blog post is dead. …Read More

What Can We Learn From the Desks of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg?

How a person leaves their office desk can tell you a lot about them. Is it organized chaos, bursting with new plans and ideas to take the world by storm? Do sentimental photos of family and moments adorn the area surrounding the workspace? Is the desk organized, meticulously cleaned, and orderly? The structure of a person’s work environment, along with the routines they use for enhancing productivity while at the …Read More

The “Yes Theory”: What It Actually Takes to Become a Full-Time YouTuber

Telling people—as a grown adult—that you want to drop everything to become a full-time YouTuber will probably earn you one of these looks: 🙁. “Be realistic.” “Only 1% make it.” “Why are you wasting your time?” These are the same voices that regularly tell us that our wishes and ambitions are too big for us. Sometimes we hear these voices from others and sometimes we hear them from ourselves. Either way, …Read More