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Chart: Measuring Global Competitiveness

Chart: Measuring Global Competitiveness The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. What makes an economy competitive at the global level, and why? It’s a question that economists, investors, and politicians have been asking themselves for decades. And to help answer it, the World Economic Forum has created the Global Competitiveness Index, or GCI. How can we measure competitiveness? To figure out how countries compare …Read More

The Difference Between Collecting Data and Acting On It

Big data is one of the most frequently discussed concepts in marketing today. While most marketers collect data, not all marketers consistently take action to improve their businesses based on data insights. In a study on UK businesses in the digital economy, it was discovered that only 18% of businesses relied on data and analysis when making revenue-generating decisions – despite the widely publicized benefits of a data-driven approach to …Read More

Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Profit and Start Worrying About Cash Flow

Improving cash flow is a smart move for any business. It doesn’t matter how great your business model is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have lined up. You won’t survive if you can’t manage your company’s cash. In fact, one study found that 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow management skills. If you’re looking for one area to focus on that will have …Read More

Boost Conversions with These 8 SaaS Funnel Tweaks

The success of your company depends on the performance of your sales funnel. No matter what product or service you offer, it can significantly contribute to getting qualified leads and driving more sales. Fortunately, when it comes to optimization of your sales funnel, you don’t have to make drastic changes to see desired results. A few simple (yet smart and powerful) techniques that require minimal changes on your website can …Read More

OnePlus Referral Program – $20 Off Accessories If You Buy A Phone Via Referral

OnePlus has some pretty good marketing. So it’s no surprise to me that they’re launching a referral program to sell their latest phone, the OnePlus 5. $20 off accessories isn’t a particularly great incentive when making a referral for a product that costs almost $1,000 – and OnePlus fans have pointed it out. But people who intend to get […] The post OnePlus Referral Program – $20 Off Accessories If You Buy A Phone …Read More

Community Management: What It Is, Why It’s Important, And How to Do It Right

“Community management” is often used interchangeably with “social media management”. And while it’s definitely a key part of any social strategy, managing your community becomes more and more important the bigger your customer base becomes. Community management, at its core, is about relationships and how your brand seizes opportunities to interact with your community in public online spaces. And if you hope to build a long-term business with a strong brand, …Read More

Interactive: A Dynamic Look At Rental Prices in the USA

The homeownership rate in the U.S. is at lows not seen since 1965 – and as a result, there are more renters in the housing market than ever before. With rental prices across the country continuing to rise from this demand, there is one question on the minds of many Americans: how and where can dollars spent on housing be stretched the furthest? Housing market bloggers RentCafe have taken both …Read More

Why the World’s Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals

There are always lessons that can be learned from the “smart money”. Unlike regular investors, billionaire money managers like Ray Dalio and Stan Druckenmiller are professional investors. They have entire institutional teams at their disposal, dive deep into the nuances and complexities of the market, and spend every waking moment of their lives thinking about how to get more from their investments. They want to make money – but they …Read More

The Rise of “The Quant” – How a Quantitative Analyst Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

It sounds like the premise for a new sci-fi flick: an advanced species, the Quants, arrive with incredibly deep knowledge on data from a variety of sources, and can test, manipulate and model it to confirm or disprove theories, allowing a far greater understanding of what makes people (and the decisions they make) tick. Except it’s anything but science fiction. Quants – short for quantitative analysts, are part of the …Read More

How Missguided Became Famous Fast With On-Trend Marketing Techniques

Missguided has conquered the world of fashion. The brand’s presence can be felt in street style, social media and popular culture. In fact, last year it gained a record of  £117 million in annual revenue and boasted a website with 4.5 million customers. How did Missguided become a famous fast fashion brand? 1. Drives customer […] The post How Missguided Became Famous Fast With On-Trend Marketing Techniques appeared first on …Read More

Kit is Now Free for All Shopify Store Owners

Starting today, all Shopify store owners can put me to work—free! Since joining Shopify in 2016, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many inspiring entrepreneurs. Our combined efforts have resulted in reaching millions of new customers, driving sales, and creating a better livelihood for entrepreneurs across the globe. That’s why it makes sense to level the playing field and have me work at no cost. Making commerce better for everyone …Read More

Why This Entrepreneur Assumes Nothing and A/B Tests Everything

An A/B test (or split test) is a common method used to improve your website, ads, or any other digital property where you can measure performance. You simply pit variant A against variant B (all other conditions being equal), and see which one performs better. Instead of assuming what color, copy, or layout might work better, it’s a data-driven way of choosing which changes you stick with and which ones you …Read More

A/B Test Ideas for Fashion Ecommerce Websites

The face of fashion ecommerce is undergoing a change. The transition from a brick-and-mortar store to an online one is accompanied by perennial problems, leading to a high return rate of ordered items. However, the online fashion and apparel industry continues to adapt to this change through use of new technologies and strategies. Other than adhering to prevalent industry best practices, you can also come up with innovative ideas that …Read More

5 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Traffic and Sales for Online Stores

See how Checkout Boost and ReferralCandy work together As of January 2017, there are over 6 billion active social accounts on the most popular social platforms. It’s obvious that social media has become a key part of the modern lifestyle. It has grown from places to connect friends to marketplaces where brands and retailers connect […] The post 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Traffic and Sales for …Read More