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April 2007

Canadian Revenue Agency bets on geo-location software

Submitted by Jonathan Spencer, Thorsteinssons LLP… New GST rules announced in the federal budget remove GST from subscription-based web services sold to non-residents who are not registered for GST. Proving you are dealing with a non-resident has been a problem. The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has just released a bulletin (GI-034) outlining their assessing policy. The CRA will generally accept an online self-declaration by customers that they are not registered …Read More

W3C Extended Log File Format (IIS 6.0)

For those of us that work with IIS log files, enjoy the table below. The challenge is to know which fields within the logs will provide you with actionable data. For instance, will knowing the User-Agent string of each visitor to your site help your business? Eric Peterson covers this topic very well in his book, “Web Analytics Demystified.” It would also be helpful to understand how to enable/disable specific …Read More