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May 2007

Using Web Content Management Software to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

Post by Michael Assad Does your content management system have what it takes to capture and retain new Web traffic? Download this article in PDF from the Agility Web site   More is Better Your Web site serves many purposes.  It helps to raise awareness about who your company is and what you do.  In many cases, your Web site is used to sell your company’s products and services.  In …Read More

The downside of widgets

Posted by Kathryn Lagden… It seems every day brings a new widget. In typepad (the service we use for the AIMS blog) there are currently just over 100 widgets available. Some of these widgets are incredibly helpful. They're relatively simple to implement (ie. no coding required) and add interesting content and/or functionality to the blog. However, as a blog reader I seem to be bumping into some frustrating widgets these …Read More

One Burning Question With… Kathy Kohn (CCO & Partner – henderson bas).

Post by: Anne Marie Lorriman, henderson bas Q. henderson bas has always had an interactive media department, but how has your motivation for providing media services changed over time? A. We’ve always been fortunate to have extremely strong, intelligent resources that allowed us to provide media services.  The key word is ‘services’ – an offering that gave clients a one-stop shop for online ads and media.  My ‘ah-ha’ for the …Read More

The Definitive List of French-Canadian Social Media

Post by SearchEnginePeople.com You can’t spend more than a day in the world or search engine optimization without being exposed to the social media mantra: you have to get your site exposed on Digg, Slashdot, Fark, Netscape, etc. Have to. And why again? To gain fame or customers? No. To get links. Links, links, links. Tons of them. With reciprocal linking schemes out of the door, playing the social media …Read More

Authenticated UserID vs. Unique Visitor

Many applications require end-users to login in order to access there content. As such, we decided to pass the Authenticated UserID, e.g. aberlinger, of each visitor via sProp1 in Omniture. EVERY (yes every) user must login to access these sites. We started to notice a significant difference between unique visitors and authenticated userID’s. Check out the stats below for March 2007: 30,710 unique visitors 19,708 authenticated userID’s How is this …Read More

Q&A with Andrew Goodman: Chair of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Toronto

Posted by Kathryn Lagden… I recently caught up with Andrew Goodman, a Toronto based search expert, who has taken on the role of Chair for the Search Engine Strategies conference being held in Toronto June 12-13. Andrew is President of Page Zero Media, editor of Traffick, and the author of 'Winning Results With Google Adwords'. And he also volunteers on AIMS search engine council. KL: I know you've participated in …Read More

Trek Bikes: Interesting Community Initiative, Poorly Executed

Posted by Kathryn Lagden… A few weeks ago a cycling friend sent me a link to the Trek website with a note saying ‘You should do this!’. Intrigued I clicked on the link. As you can see in the screenshot below, I had one option. I selected my country (Canada) and was then prompted to select a language (English). Looks like they’re tailoring the content to me…Nice. The offer was …Read More

AIMS Member Survey – Last Chance to Win the 30GB ipod

As you probably know we've been running our annual member survey for the last couple of weeks. This is your last chance to enter for a chance to win the 30GB ipod. The survey closes May 9th at midnight so don't delay! Click on the link below to complete the survey: http://survey2.delvinia.com/wix2/p58415109.aspx Good luck! And thanks for your input, it really helps us plan AIMS events and activities.

Key Performance Indicators

Someone on the Yahoo! forum asked is there where any good articles or opinions on what the KPI’s should be for their B2B site. What I found interesting is why someone would go to external resources for help in determining KPI’s for their site. Is that what he was really asking for? A simple list? I hope not! In my humble opinion, the definition of and the process for determining …Read More

New Poll: How Do You Read Blogs

One of the regular features on this blog is a poll…check it out over on the right hand column of this blog. (If you're reading this in a reader you'll need to click through to the blog to see the poll). This poll asks about blog reading habits. It will be interesting to see how people follow their favourite blogs. Please add your voice and vote! Previous polls are on …Read More

Rocketfuel Productions: Award Winning Company Shares CNMA Experience

Posted by Kathryn Lagden… As we lead up to the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards I decided to check in with one of the winners from last year. Ken Bautista, CEO and Executive Producer of Hotrocket Studios Inc. and Rocketfuel Productions answered the questions below… KL: What category did you win at the 2006 CNMA awards?KB: We won the "Most Promising New Company of the Year" award. KL: Tell us …Read More

Does your Website Compel or Repel?

Posted by Ray Litvak from Leading Website Designs… Being the Sales & Marketing person for our web design company means fielding  inquiries for those seeking web design & web redesign services: our advertising’s goal is to drive prospects to our website and compel them to contact us for more information or  meet to discuss their web design needs.  If Venus and Mars align and the client’s goals are in line …Read More