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November 2007

SEO Magazine Subscription Offer

I get the Search Marketing Standard Magazine through every quarter as it is one of the best places to find a round up of SEO techniques and ideas that are buzzing around the internet during that quarter. Now I know that SEO techniques and news can happen in a heartbeat, which is why I still use Google RSS reader for keeping on top of whats going on day by day. …Read More

The Most Expensive Search Keywords

Mesothelioma. Law firms pay hundreds of dollars, as in Benjamins, per click for the hopes of landing cases that pay millions in compensatory damages. The context here is demand. The stronger the pull on specific key words, the more the customer is going to have to pay for them. Never forget that the time of day/night is a very factor as well. Google has a great tool to help you …Read More

Measuring Internal Search

Hello again everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. Today I’d like to talk about internal search and how best to approach measuring it. Almost any analytics solution will allow you to track raw instances of each term entered into a site’s internal search engine. In fact, many search applications will provide analytics reporting to the business users. But the key here, along with anything else in this …Read More