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November 2008

Behavioural Targetting and Visitor Segmentation with BTBuckets

In October a new website was launched called BtBuckets, however it was only recently that the site was brought to my attention. BtBuckets offers a free service for you segement your website visitors based on their online actions and place them into buckets. You can set the buckets to only begin filling oncew the user has performed a set of actions a number of times or only once and they …Read More

Hands on with Google Analytics Motion Charts

I was very excited earlier this week to discover I had access to the new Google Analytics beta features. Custom reports are certainly a useful tool; they allow you to construct both large scale exploratory views as well as concise views in which the viewer doesn’t have to ask “which metrics should I look at?” The big payoff is in the new Motion Chart visualizations which attempts to capture 5 …Read More