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January 2009

SEO Position & UI Links Google Analytics Scripts Updated

The SEO Position script now supports Yahoo, MSN & Live, in addition to Google. The name of the event has changed from “Google SEO” to Google. Thanks to Jim M. from Bunk Beds Now for the help expanding the script. Alas, it was not originally apparent that logging a source event will flip the bit on “user bounce” and deflate your bouce rate for a page. Rapid detection of near-page-1 …Read More

Using the new Google Eventing for SEO Reporting

I’m a huge fan of metrics about activities within a page like scroll depth or form abandonment analyses. Google Analytic’s new eventing facilities (almost out of beta it seems!) enable this kinds of data logging and reporting. Intro to GA Eventing You get 4 slots of data to log to: Action Category Label Value The official eventing docs describe an example for a Video action with categories for play/pause/stop and …Read More