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April 2009

Google Analytics API Roundup

Man, you gotta love the internet. Within a week of the general availability of the Google Analytics API there’s an explosion of interesting new works and open source creations. While some folks may have had access before the announcement, the checkin streams on github show there’s no time like the present. There are two Ruby wrappers: Gattica and Garb as well as one in Python. (Update: See this offc. Google …Read More

SEO Position Plus: Log Your Exact Google Rank with Google Analytics

We’ve been working hard on SEO Position over the last few months and the latest version has been in use by Stomper members for a while now. With the announcement of updates to the Google referral string it’s now important to update the script and there’s some serious new features. For those unfamiliar with the SEO Position script, in the picture above/right, the query “analytics motion charts” generated a click …Read More

Google Gets Faster

Recent talks by Jeff Dean of google at Web Search Data Mining ’09 (video) and an earlier talk at Univ of Washington present some interesting history on the evolution of the Google search technology. The most tantalizing aspect of this is the notion of a “fast index”, perhaps in-memory on many servers, dedicated to indexing (and computing authority or PageRank) for rapidly moving content like Digg and YouTube video honors. …Read More