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June 2009

Don’t Play Roulette with your Split Testing Efforts

While split or multivariate testing is an extremely powerful tool, it should not be deployed as the sole method driving improvements to your online business. If testing is applied as the only way to determine the right path forward the outcome is certain to be less successful over the long term. At the usability professional’s association a few weeks ago in Portland, I chatted with Beverly Freeman @ Ebay and …Read More

Using Open Source Tools to Understand Your Data: R & GGobi

I’ve been a long time, occasional, user of an open source alternative to high-end statistic packages like SAS & SPSS called “R”. I recently spent some time learning an associated data exploration tool called “GGobi” and the integration with R (rggobi). While R is a worthy tool for data summarization, stats, plotting, and cleaning, GGobi is especially useful for exploration. It features “linked plots” in which mousing over a point …Read More