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October 2011

Wading into the Google Secure Search fray

There’s been quite the hullabaloo since Google announced last week that it was going to send signed-in users to Google Secure Search by default. Back when Google first announced Secure Search in May, there was some commentary about how it would reduce the amount of data available to web analytics tools. This is because browsers do not make page referrer information available in the HTTP header or in the page …Read More

Google Secure Search – What It Means for Analytics, SEO and PPC

Google posted today on Official Google Blog: Making search more secure they were making search more secure for users. The process, to be enabled for searchers who are logged in when they search, will prevent the search terms searchers type in from being picked up by web analytics tools, including Google Analytics. On the Google Analytics blog, Google posted that: For logged in visitors, such visits will still be ‘organic’ …Read More

Nicely executed retargeting opt-out (for a change)

Retargeting (sometimes called remessaging or remarketing) has taken off in a big way, recently – Google introduced the feature into AdWords earlier this year, and a host of other players are in the game. Consequently, the interwebs now abound with commentary on the rather spooky nature of the technology, with people being “followed around” the Internet by ads for things they were either searching for, or were looking at on …Read More

“Missing” Social Media Value

I have no doubt there is some value in social beyond what can be measured, as this has been the case for all marketing since it began 😉  The problem is this value is often situational, not too mention not properly measured using an incremental basis (as you point out). For example,  to small local businesses who do no other form of advertising, there is a huge amount of relative …Read More

Connecting My Dots

This is an unusual blog post, because I rarely get this personal. Today, however, I want to share some secrets with you. This will likely no t be the most well-edited post on this blog, but bear with me if you would like to hear me speak my mind. It has been sixteen months since I made the leap to start two businesses. It was not a sudden decision, but …Read More