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February 2012

Move Web Analytics Data Out Of Silo

Web Analytics tools are great for providing a good view of one channel i.e. your website (ok, maybe slightly more than one channel e.g. some email, some social media, some offline). They worked great in silo for first few years of the internet because the only way for customers to interact with your brand online was on your site and websites were not an integral part of the business. Nowadays …Read More

7 Analysis Tips for Improving CTR on Display Advertising

Not all display advertising is created equal, though when you look at your web analytics reports you are most likely not going to find the reasons that makes each campaign and each ad so unique. Web Analytics tools generally start tracking the performance of a display advertising campaign only after the visitors have clicked on an ad and landed on your site. What happens before a visitor clicks resides in …Read More

Top Browser Resolutions for Jan 2012

I hadn’t looked up these statistics for a bit so I thought I’d share while I was at it… 1366×768 18.7% 1024×768 13% 1280×1024 11.5% 1280×800 10.7% 1920×1080 8.1% 1440×900 8.1% 1680×1050 6.5% 1600×900 3.8% That’s the top 80% – the rest is random sizes with less than 2% usage… Data from w3schools

Marketing to Focus on Customer. Analytics?

It’s been very popular among marketing types to talk about “the customer” but seek metrics for affirmation other than those based on or derived from the customer.  Web analysts have followed their lead, and provided Marketers plenty of awareness, engagement, and campaign metrics.  As I’ve said in the past, this is a huge disconnect.  Does it make sense (analytically) to have discussions about customer centricity,  customer experience, customer service, the …Read More

Big (Hairy) Data

My eye was caught the other day by a question posed to the “Big Data, Low Latency” group on LinkedIn. The question was as follows: “I’ve customer looking for low latency data injection to hadoop . Customer wants to inject 1million records per/sec. Can someone guide me which tools or technology can be used for this kind of data injection to hadoop.” The question itself is interesting, given its assumption …Read More

Bounce Rate Optimization Is Not Always The Cure: Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns

This is part II of the series on Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns. I wrote in my previous post that when analyzing campaigns many web analysts just focus on the web analytics data. Some venture to include the cost and impression data of the campaign but they still don’t have a complete view. In this post I will show you how their lack of complete view results in wrong analysis and …Read More