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March 2012

Omniture ClickMap and Mobile Sites

ClickMap will not function without the JS library (the s_code.js file) running on the page. ClickMap relies on the click detection built into that file and sets and retrieves cookies as the user goes from page to page. Some mweb sites do not include the s_code.js file, but instead rely on the mobile gateway to send calls from the web servers to Adobe’s tracking servers. You may come across other …Read More

Returning to the fold

Five years ago, my worldly possessions gathered together in a knotted handkerchief on the end of a stick, I set off from the shire of Web Analytics to seek my fortune among the bright lights of online advertising. I didn’t exactly become Lord Mayor of London, but the move has been a good one for me, especially in the last three years, when I’ve been learning all sorts of interesting …Read More

Finding (Not Provided) Keywords in Google Analytics

I rarely write tool specific posts on this blog but since I have recently been asked by a few people about this issue and it affects every web analytics tool, I decided to post it here. A few months ago, Google, the search engine, started encrypting searches for user who are logged into their Google account while conducting the search. As a result of this encryption, the keyword that the …Read More

Digital Analytics Association

This morning, Web Analytics Association announced that it is changing its name from Web Analytics Association to Digital Analytics Association. Why the change? All of those who have been working in this industry for few years know that the term “Web Analytics” does not reflect the actual work we do. As I wrote in my last post “Move Web Analytics Data Out Of Silo”, “Web Analytics” purpose was to report …Read More