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May 2012

Pinterest: "Pin It" for More Sales

Clients of ours have recently found success with Pinterest – an online pinboard that allows users to organize and share products that they find online. The site allows users to “pin” a picture onto their Pinterest “board.” From there, users that are following their boards can view the items and “re-pin” it onto their board. When a user pins a product picture, it has the potential to go viral and …Read More

Measuring social and why it should still come back to something tangible.

I recently heard an advertisement on the radio entreating  listeners to “Like” the advertiser’s Facebook page, in exchange for doing so the listener stood the chance to win something – or they got a reward of some form or other. How odd!! Facebook’s like button is a coveted prize amongst marketeers within some companies. Presumably, the theory being that the more “Likes” the greater the exposure across the Facebook network …Read More

Rich Ads In Search

Rich Ads in Search create a more engaging experience for prospective customers–and can help drive more of them to your website. With Rich Ads activated in MSN, your branded text ads are enhanced with user-engagement features such as deep links to your site, text entry forms, images, and videos. Yes, only branded keywords are eligible for this format, so it’s really about build a stronger brand presence by appearing first, …Read More

Last Call – Design & Advertising Competitions

Gain worldwide recognition for your work by entering the most prestigious juried competitions in visual communications. Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. Ask any creative director which competitions rank as the most influential, and they’ll place Communication Arts at the top of the list. Communication Arts has six juried competitions that cover the entire field of visual communications. With winning entries published both …Read More

Google launches cloud-based BigQuery service

Some interesting news today: Google has fully launched the cloud-based BigQuery service that it first previewed last November. From the website: Google BigQuery is a web service that lets you do interactive analysis of massive datasets—up to billions of rows. Scalable and easy to use, BigQuery lets developers and businesses tap into powerful data analytics on demand. The BigQuery service is built on the back of Google’s enormous investments in …Read More