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June 2012

Social Customers Choose Social Business

The Canadian Marketing Association’s annual Social Media Conference is just one week away on June 13, 2012. Located at the Allstream Centre, it’s not too late to register. Since I’m a CMA council and committee member, I have a registration discount code to offer our blog readers. Use code social2012 when you register either online or by phone. Register online or by calling 416-645-3281. The outstanding speaker line up includes …Read More

Top 3 PPC Failure Points

While there’s seldom one simple problem that defines under-performing AdWords campaigns, the following 3 PPC failure points are among the more common we uncover when performing AdWords account reviews: 1. Default Settings Atrophy Google’s default AdWords settings are great for businesses spending under $1,000/mo. Yet as racecars don’t have automatic transmissions, neither should high spending AdWords accounts in competitive markets be using Google’s default settings. 2. Display Advertising Atrophy Many …Read More

Meet Outfox, analytics and conversion optimization experts

One of my companies, inUse Insights, re-branded to Outfox this week. We celebrated by getting a painting, eating cake, and drinking champagne. As you can imagine, we’ve been quite busy. We plan on continuing growing as a business, and improving our offering. We also celebrated two years as a business (first as inUse Insights, and now as Outfox.) Our birthday was celebrated by purchasing some strange videos on Fiverr.com. (I’m …Read More

Don’t hide behind data

I recently read a quote as follows: “We are making fact-based decisions in less time with more accuracy and less emotion….” I think its all good apart from that last bit which makes me shiver “…and less emotion…“ It’s as if in order to be good business people emotion has to be scrubbed clean from the system in a way that turns us into automatons that hide behind data. Google (not …Read More