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August 2012

Designing for the iPad

In most cases a “full version” website looks basically the same on an iPad as it does on a desktop, notebook or netbook PC, flash notwithstanding. Evidence to support that the iPad screen format is not really an issue comes from the fact that conversion rates for iPad tend to be the same or sometimes even a little better than the site average. Navigation is one of the most important aspects …Read More

The Human Element of Managing Google Shopping

Google Shopping changes the game for online retailers. Your ads – including Product Listing Ads – should receive daily analysis and hands-on attention. This is the only way to take full advantage of potential growth opportunities to achieve maximum account performance. Precise management of these shopping ads will ultimately make or break the upcoming holiday season. While automated tools are helpful, Product Listing Ads require more than a “set it …Read More

Read this if you run an international site and you use Google Translate on it.

If you use Google Analytics (GA) and you use Google’s Translate tool on your site to make the user experience easier for visitors from non English speaking countries then it’s just possible that the translator is skewing some of the output data in your GA account. When a visitor selects the Google Translate tool on your site it will refresh the page and in the process of doing so it’ll …Read More

New Google "Search As You Type" for Retail Advertisers

In July, Google launched a pilot program for their new Search As You Type search bar for retail advertisers. Employing the power of Google instant search results, retailers can use this feature to enhance their current website’s search functionality for free up to 25 million searches annually. Having better search capabilities on your site can often equate to an uplift in sales – making this new feature worth testing for …Read More