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October 2012

Resource for vectors, icons and UI graphics

I know I’ve been there before, but I landed on MediaLoot again today and I have to say the offer seems pretty compelling. Maybe they added more resources or something but the $9/mo they’re asking for really doesn’t seem too bad. Plus, if you’re just browsing, they offer quite a few free downloads so you can preview the quality. Go check them out: http://medialoot.com

Remove Extra Line Breaks in Dreamweaver

Have you ever opened a document in dreamweaver and found that every linebreak was duplicated leaving you with very messy looking code? Well, it happens. I’ve heard lot of theories as to why it happens (most likely related to Adobe Contribute integration), but I suppose that’s irrelevant when all you’re trying to do is fix it and continue on with your business. What you need is a quick solution, which …Read More

Retail Promotions on Google Properties

Online retailers know that shoppers are always looking for a stellar deal. The 2012 holiday season is no different. With the lines of offline and online blurring, the undiscerning consumer is using all methods to compare prices and find a bargain. As online shoppers flock to Google looking for money saving deals on their holiday shopping lists, Google is introducing a new way for retailers to incorporate trackable promotional codes …Read More

5 Tips to Improve Marketing Campaigns

Marketers spend millions of dollars on digital marketing campaigns every day. Analytics help marketers get the most of out of every dollar spent and drive great benefits for them and their organization. Data collected at each step of the way to conversion can help marketers and their agencies in optimizing each campaign’s performance. Below I’ve outlined five tips on how to use the data to optimize marketing campaigns. 1. Target …Read More

Making Mobile Paid Search Work for You

Did you know that 66% of smartphone users access the Internet daily? Mobile has quickly become one of the most versatile marketing channels. As mobile usage continues to rise, so do mobile product searches. Consumers are researching products, performing in-store shopping comparisons, and making purchases from their mobile devices. A recent survey from IBM estimates that mobile sales for the 2012 holiday season will reach 20% of total online shopping …Read More