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November 2012

Google’s multi armed bandit.

Google’s switch from Website Optimiser (GWO) to Content Experiments (GCE) has made the testing process significantly easier and, in so doing, the effort of site optimisation more fun and, importantly, more productive. Until now the level of effort required to set up an experiment using Website Optimiser was a barrier to action for many, by contrast Content Experiments makes use of the standard Google Analytics tag that is already set …Read More

Google Trusted Stores in Product Listing Ads

Since the announcement of Google Shopping, online retailers have been scrambling to make sense of the changes and adapt for a successful Q4. On October 17th, Adwords’ Product Listing Ads officially power all of Google Shopping. As the rollout has happened over the last few months, Google has been adding features to their system to help retailers get an added lift for this year’s holiday season. One program in particular …Read More