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January 2013

Number One Email Marketing Mistake

Number one mistake marketers make with email marketing is to send “Irrelevant” messages to their customers. It is not because they don’t understand that sending relevant messages drive higher conversions. It because they think that email messages are “Free” and incremental cost of sending messages to “non-target” customers is Zero. They hope that, by sending emails to everybody, some of the “non-target” customers will respond to their message thus causing …Read More

Ask A VC: Kleiner Perkins’ Ted Schlein On How The VC Industry Has Changed; What’s Next For The Enterprise And More

 I was fortunate to have Kleiner Perkins’ investment partner Ted Schlein join me on Ask A VC this week. Schlein, who joined Kleiner in 1996 and has nearly two decades of experience in the VC world, discussed what’s changed in the VC industry as well as what the expectation is for a return on investment for startups. We also tackled what’s next in the enterprise world as… Read More

Why I am excited about Webtrends Streams

This morning we are very excited to announce that Web Analytics Demystified has partnered with Webtrends as a consulting and development partner on their recently announced Webtrends Streams platform. You can read all the details in the official Webtrends press release, and I contributed a lengthy post to the Webtrends blog that details why I am so excited about Streams and what we are able to do with it. In …Read More

CA Redesigns

So maybe this happened a while ago, but for whatever reason, I just noticed it. CA magazine has a new design. It’s quite a departure… Notably more feminine than their previous design – I wonder if that’s a statement on that gender makeup of the design industry. Either way- it looks good.

Top 10 Most Popular Topics of 2012

“The Year of Big Changes” is one way to describe e-commerce in 2012. Social media networks, like Pinterest and Google+, gave retailers more ways to become visible to consumers while edifying consumer relevance in search. The shift to Google Shopping really changed the rules of the game and brought us Google Trusted Stores, which proves to be of great benefit to participating retailers. Plus, new strategies for remarketing are extending …Read More

Happy New Year from Web Analytics Demystified

On behalf of the rapidly growing team at Web Analytics Demystified I wanted to wish all of my clients, readers, and friends a Happy New Year! I say rapidly growing because 2012 saw unprecedented growth for the Demystified team: In February we added Brian Hawkins to the team to build out our Testing, Optimization, and Personalization practice. Testing has long been a fundamental component of our strategic client engagements, and …Read More

Interesting Popup/Landing page at Sulia

I’ve been testing out Sulia.. I’m not committed to it, but I still look at their emails every so often and I decided to click on one of the links today. Here is the page it brought me to… At first I’m like, “What the hell, where’s my article?”, but then the genius of what they’re doing slowly creeps over me. This is designed for maximum engagement- everything you need, …Read More