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March 2013

Tell a Story with the Data: Creating a Culture of Analytics

Many organizations fail to create a culture of analytics, not because they don’t understand the value of analytics, but because the analysts fail to craft a good and relevant story with the data.  We have all seen reports filled with pretty charts, graphs and numbers.  After going through all the data if the audience doesn’t have a clear understanding of what the reports are telling and what they should do …Read More

New White Paper on Tag Management from Demystified!

Lately it seems like nearly every conversation I have with a client or prospect touches on Tag Management Systems (TMS). If it’s not a client or prospect, it’s a Venture Capitalist asking who they should throw money at, or it’s a new TMS firm pitching us on why they are the “easiest, fastest, most best-est TMS in the Universe …” Were I a less patient man I would probably stop …Read More

PayPal Express Checkout is Making Mobile Payments Easier for Retailers

There is no doubt smartphone and tablet shopping is thriving. If you are skeptical, just look at the trends from 2012. Sales from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices grew 81% in 2012, accounting for 11% of total e-commerce sales. As smartphone penetration continues to climb, retail sales made from smartphone devices are expected to reach $27 billion by 2016, according to one study by Forrester Research, Inc. that excluded …Read More