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April 2013

Why I’m still a little sceptical about attribution modelling in Google Analytics (and elsewhere)

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the attribution modelling feature which is steadily being rolled out across the free version of Google Analytics. I’ve been doing this with a particular task in mind and as I’ve been working with it some doubt has arisen in my mind around how GAM is allocating conversions in some specific situations. Attribution modelling is of course all about understanding the true contribution of each referring …Read More

The Cost of a Poor Website User Experience

Let me explain the story… A global white-goods brand, lets call them GlobalBrandlux.com, sent me a survey asking what I thought about my recent website experience. Here’s my response – I wanted to be honest and constructive: “Sorry, but this is one of the worst product websites I have come across for being able to find (and identify) a particular product. On-site search is a key feature not working that …Read More

Welcome Josh West, Adobe, and Google!

I am delighted to announce three big additions to the Web Analytics Demystified family today! The first is our newest Partner and lead for tag management, platforms, and technology, Mr. Josh West. Josh is an incredibly experienced developer and has been working in the digital measurement space for years, both at Omniture and more recently Salesforce.com. Josh adds additional depth to our expanding team, complimenting all of our work, and …Read More