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May 2013

3 Techniques for Expanding your Email Reach

Email marketers are facing a tough time with growing emails remaining unopened and unsubscribes. Acquiring new subscribers using old techniques is expensive. Below I have listed 3 techniques that you can use to spread the word of your emails/newsletters beyond the email list that you are sending the emails to. Add social sharing in your emails – Let your loyal email subscribers help you. Add easy social sharing links/buttons to …Read More

R.I.P – The Loss of 2 AdWords Ad Extensions

As enhanced campaigns continue to roll out over the next couple of months, Google is quietly making some changes to the availability of certain ad extensions – Product extensions & Social extensions. One extension has been consumed by the almighty Google Shopping machine and the other has become automated for those using the Google+ social platform. So, what does this mean for retailers using AdWords? Product Extensions Forever Gone Since …Read More

Do Number of Likes and Followers Matter?

This is a one of those questions that keep coming up during conferences, the classes I teach at University of Washington, client conversations etc. The default answer by most of the people is along the lines of “Oh they don’t …. It is the quality…. What really matters is the impact on revenue/cost… “ and so on. I do not deny that ultimately the impact of business in terms of …Read More

Layering on Location Targeting in Enhanced Campaigns

Arguably one of the most powerful upgrades with Google’s new AdWords platform, Enhanced Campaigns, is the ability to target locations more granularly within a single campaign. Under the old structure, retailers looking to target a specific geo-region would have to duplicate a campaign then target the copied campaign to the specific state, city, or zip code. This was tedious and cumbersome – especially for large accounts. The new location targeting …Read More

Advanced segments and YoY comparison = wonky data output in GA.

I recently came across an odd thing in Google Analytics which, although only a minor frustration, took me a moment to figure out… not immediately obvious. I was comparing year on year data using four advanced segments and looking at the headline change in share of visits for each segment.     When applying segments in Google Analytics it clearly shows what the corresponding splits are as a percentage of …Read More

The Full Value of Mobile – Mobile Justified?

Enhanced Campaigns have magnified the impact of mobile on paid search. Advertisers are seriously evaluating how profitable mobile searches are to their industry. Those who once opted out of targeting mobile devices must now decide what percent (if any) of their budget to allocate to mobile searches. Some may even opt out completely because mobile doesn’t convert well for them. “Mobile doesn’t have a conversion problem, it has a measurement …Read More

Are You Depleting Your Email List?

In all the effort to drives conversions marketers often forget to measure “Unsubscribe” metrics and their impact on the email marketing.  As I mentioned in my post “Number One Email Marketing Mistake”, email marketers, in order to maximize short term conversions,  often bombard irrelevant emails in subscribers inbox However this short term mentality results in erosion of long term viability of their email marketing, due to increase in unsubscribes causing …Read More