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October 2013

Introducing Mobile App Indexing on Search: a better experience for mobile search users

Here’s some great news from Google’s search team: In-app content is now becoming visible in Google search. Starting today, users on Android devices can jump straight from Google search results to pages inside an app. For Google Analytics for mobile apps users, this opens up a new world of insights into areas like revenues, engagement and overall app usage. We’ve reposted the original blog post below. And if you haven’t …Read More

Nine upselling lessons we can learn from domain registrars

In the cut-throat world of domains, upselling has become the key to profits. With razor-thin margins on popular .com sales, the registrars have been forced to aggressively upsell additional domains and services such as hosting. Despite the annoyance to regular domain buyers, these sites are an excellent case study in effective upselling. Upselling can be a massive source of additional income and a huge boost to revenue for any business. …Read More

International SEO: 22 tools and one infographic to help improve your strategy

International SEO is a complex challenge for digital marketers due to the intricacies of local languages and customs. Unfortunately it’s not enough to assume that UK companies can expand into Latin America simply by translating their content into Spanish and Portuguese. Luckily there are some free online tools available to make the task slightly simpler and automate some parts of the process. At Distilled’s Searchlove conference earlier this week WooRank’s …Read More

10 happy interweb things we’ve delighted in this week

It’s been a week already, so here’s the latest Econsultancy round-up of internet slacker sub-culture. The Editorial Team spends a fortune on salted peanuts to eat whilst finding this stuff, so I hope you will do the right thing and send us thousands of pounds cash in the post, as scant reward for our efforts. Enjoy! Gadzooks, it’s magazooks! Er, I mean bookazines No hyperbole, this is the worst word …Read More

Our blog now exceeds 1m monthly page views, but does it generate ROI?

Hearty congratulations are in order in light of a big milestone that the Econsultancy blog team has reached, having for the first time surpassed 1m page impressions in a calendar month. Not bad for a niche B2B publishing operation!  That said, we don’t create content simply to generate page views. The blog team contributes so much more to our business. I shall explain why. A recent study found that only about …Read More

Bulk Campaign URL Builder for Google Analytics Campaign Parameters

This tool can tag a bulk list of URLs with Google Analytics campaign parameters. Just enter in your campaign parameters, paste in your links (carriage or comma separated, both work), and press ‘Submit’. Campaign: Source: You must enter a source. Medium: Term: Content: Paste or type your links here. Submit What are campaign parameters? Campaign parameters are query parameters that Google Analytics uses to figure out where a user was …Read More

Google introduces ‘Certified Shops’ scheme for UK ecommerce sites

Google yesterday announced that it has introduced ‘Google Certified Shops’ to the UK, which assures shoppers of the customer service standards they can expect from participating retailers.  The scheme allows retailers to display the badge, alongside stats showing the number of transactions, success rate and percentage of deliveries dispatched on time. Participating retailers include Wayfair, ghd.com and Schuh. It’s potentially very persuasive for wavering customers and, if implemented in a …Read More

Satisfaction with conversion rates has increased for the first time in four years

Over a quarter (28%) of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates (either ‘very’ or ‘quite’ satisfied), up by 6% since 2012 and the highest level since 2009.  Addtionally, around three-quarters (73%, up from 65% in 2012) indicate they have seen an improvement in conversion rates in the last 12 months The fifth annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report, produced in association with RedEye, also found that the proportion of organisations …Read More

New Google Plus custom URLs: more than meets the eye

With Google+ now allowing users to customise their user profiles many are flocking to get their custom vanity URL. However, how many have read the “payment” section of the new terms of use? Google: You’re now eligible for a unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point people to your profile (no more long URLs!). That message is now going out to all Google+ users whose profile has a …Read More

Are You Wasting Time on Statistical Trivia?

“Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” ~ Aaron Levenstein Understanding how visitors behave on our sites is no trivial matter, but all too often, we’re distracted by trivia in the torrent of data we collect. Here’s an example: If you want to know whether you and your date have long-term potential, find out if you both like horror movies. A …Read More

How Smart Google Benchmark Reporting is Now – Asia Real Estate Market

Might be its an Age Factor or I am not an updated Geek. I try to find out Google Analytics Benchmark Report to compare Industry Comparison with my Online Site. I landed to http://www.google.com/think/ which is now out of Beta, earlier it was thinkwith Google. And see the industry research reports as well as consumer behavior you will get here. Lets see Asia Real Estate Market @ www.consumerbarometer.com    

Measuring Twitter with Universal Analytics

In between rolling out new features for Google Analytics, we also like to feature how users and companies are actually using our products. Matt Stannard of 4PS Marketing details how to easily measure Twitter using Universal Analytics. We’ve excerpted parts of his post below; read on to see the results, and don’t forget to click through to see the technical details! How? Step 1 – Create a new account So …Read More

Is your digital marketing ‘lost in translation’?

The ultimate differentiator for businesses isn’t product or brand. It’s the one thing that can’t be copied or stolen: relationships with customers. Retail has long known that. Astute retailers covet their relationships through personalization and targeting and approachable, consistent, authentic salespeople. That’s because, as people, we know how to form relationships really well in the physical world. We can see each other’s face, we can hear voice rising and falling, …Read More

What You Can Learn from Conversion Data throughout Google Analytics’ Standard Reporting

One of the best parts of the new Google Analytics layout is the summary view that automatically includes acquisition, behavior, and conversions information (including the rate, completions, and value for each goal). This means that if you have goals set up in Google Analytics (learn how to set up URL destination goals), you can see how everything – from traffic sources to content – drives conversions. In this post, we’re …Read More