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November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, (JJJRH Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook @garyvaynerchuk) & Web Journal 11/28/13

Wishing my readers a most Happy Thanksgiving; I’ll be spending mine in Providence, RI with my friends there. Picked a photo below based on people who follow my Social Media for the Arts page and are posting pictures about Thanksgiving that showed up on Buzzfeed a few days ago.   There’s a lot to be thankful for this year, including health and happiness and included a fair amount of teaching, speaking …Read More

Selling to Enterprise: Why Your “Easy,” Developer-Friendly Offerings are HURTING Your Chances

Great SaaS products and platforms attract developers and inspire them with the “art of the possible.” This entails education, evangelism, hackathons, API’s, sand-boxed developer environments, and a “quick and easy…try it yourself” type of mindset. Their customer is a developer, and their product is perfectly tuned for her. Great platform companies align their processes to attract great developers, hiring people who come from these communities and who are comfortable in …Read More

Search and ecommerce in Russia [infographic]

According to our recent Digital Landscape Report, Russia has the highest number of internet users in Europe, and represents a potential growth market for ecommerce.  In addition, just under half of Russia’s 61m web users are buying online, though a mistrust of the finance industry means that cash on delivery is the prevelant payment method.  There are barriers though, such as mistrust of retailers, and the risk of parcels going …Read More

Can StreetHub help local retailers get in on the click-and-collect boom?

New research shows that one-in-five (19%) multichannel sales now comes from click-and-collect, up from 13% in the same period in 2012. The figures are taken from sales data in Q3 2013 and show the importance of offering a click-and-collect service in the run up to Christmas. Halfords and Argos have already proven the impact that the service can have on online sales, so it’s no wonder that small retailers also …Read More

How to create a custom report in Google Analytics

Custom reports are perhaps the most useful feature in Google Analytics, as they enable you to find the data and presentation that best suits your business goals.  I’m no big Google Analytics expert, instead I’ve picked it up and figured things out as I’ve gone along, mainly with the aim of understanding our users’ behaviour and improving this blog.  I explain more of my approach to measuring and optimising this …Read More

The Coca-Cola storytelling journey: three lessons on content marketing and creativity

Last year, Coca-Cola launched the Journey website as its own media outlet, using an editorial, image-heavy format. Fuelled by the brand’s Content 2020 plan, the redesign was described as ‘the most ambitious rethink of Coca-Cola’s web properties’ since it launched the first website in 1995. The company has gone from being declared ‘creatively bankrupt’ by a chief exec in 2004 to being named Creative Marketer of the Year at Cannes …Read More

Full Customer Journey: Three Lenses of Measurement

My son is a LEGO enthusiast, and even though I don’t build that often, I am usually involved in the acquisition process of LEGO sets or digital goods. To quote a few, we build with bricks, plan with their software, play with their apps, buy through their website and consume content on their social profiles. Quite a lot of touch points with their brand, and that’s not all! On my …Read More

15 excellent responsive email templates for small businesses

The consumer shift towards mobile devices means that businesses should have a strategy in place to optimise their email marketing for smaller screens. It’s not uncommon for businesses to find that up to 50% of their email messages are opened on mobile devices, however a recent Econsultancy report found that a large number of companies do not have a mobile email strategy in place, with 32% reporting this as ‘non-existent’ …Read More

Eight cultural differences that impact conversion

You have a website, or perhaps you have multiple websites, and you want to ensure that conversion in markets outside of UK and US is as high as possible. In this case, especially for markets in the Middle East and Asia, it pays to know how a country’s culture will impact interaction with your content. Joe Doveton, Director of Conversion Services at Globalmaxer delivered a fascinating talk at last week’s …Read More

SUPERWEEK 2014: January 21-23, Hungary

The following is a guest post contributed by Zoltán Bánóczy, founder of AALL Ltd. and the SUPERWEEK Conference series. In the fourth week of the New Year, many of us will enjoy the gorgeous view pictured below as the actual backdrop for one the year’s most exciting analytics conferences.  Speakers hailing from Jerusalem to Copenhagen to San Francisco to Ahmedabad promise to deliver insightful talks about a wide range of …Read More

Don’t let your mobile ads be unwelcome guests at the party

We’re in the midst of a great migration to portable devices and the opportunity for marketers is immense. It will be much tougher to cultivate a relationship with users than it was on the web, but if handled properly we’ll find the perfect balance between the ultimate user experience and advertisers’ agenda. One thing marketers can all agree on: advertising makes the digital world go ’round. What’s less a settled …Read More

CEOs Don’t Trust Marketing – What’s The Solution?

Month after month there’s increasing data showing us that marketing people don’t plan or measure enough. Our own Smart Insights survey broadcast to 40,000 marketers saw 69% admitting that there is no digital marketing strategy in their current role. It’s the same story here where only 46% have a content marketing strategy and this in-depth McKinsey study. It appears that we’re quick to dive into solutions, new techniques, tactics and …Read More

Data mining soft skills

One of the (many) particularities of data mining is to be at the intersection of several fields. One can mention statistics, machine learning and databases. Skills in these 3 domains are thus necessary (but not sufficient) to be an efficient data miner. One of the most important (if not the most important) category of skills for a data miner is communication. Among the communication category, one can gather skills such …Read More

Omnichannel customer service [stats and infographics]

2013 will be the biggest online Christmas shopping year in history, many expecting the £10bn mark to be passed. With the opportunity inherent, companies face challenges, from shipping to staffing. But during and after the sales are made, customer service becomes one of the main headaches for companies. If an omnichannel strategy is missing, cue disappointed and increasingly vocal customers. The customer service expectations of consumers in the UK and …Read More

Seven interesting social media campaigns from November

As we approach the end of the penultimate month of 2013 it’s time to round up some of the most interesting and noteworthy social campaigns we’ve seen in the past 30 days or so. This time it includes efforts from MTV, Red Bull, Manchester City, Sony and ASOS. If you’ve spotted any other decent social campaigns in November please flag them up in the comments… MTV European Music Awards As part …Read More