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December 2013

The Startup Marketer’s Onboarding Process: Tips for New Marketing Hires

Starting a new job as a marketer can be stressful. There is so much to learn. Moreover, nearly everything you do is seen by current and potential customers. I just started working at YesGraph, and I want to make meaningful contributions as soon as possible. I have a lot to learn about how the HR/recruiting industry (our target market) works, so being realistic about expectations is important. Also, I must …Read More

The Seven Secret Habits of Twitter Power Users

Twitter is awesome for so many reasons. It’s the Great Connector. It’s the Great Amplifier. It’s the Great Curator. And it’s so simple to use. But Twitter could borrow a tagline from the Othello board game: a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. Because as easy as the platform is, there always is more you could be doing to leverage your use of it. In this post, seven Twitter …Read More

Klarna tracks third-party iframe with Universal Analytics’ cookieless approach

Klarna is one of the biggest providers in Europe of in-store credit and invoice based payment solutions for the ecommerce sector. The company enables the end-consumer to order and receive products, then pay for them afterwards. Klarna assesses the credit and fraud risk for the  merchant, allowing the merchant to have a zero-friction checkout process – a win-win for the merchant-customer relationship. Third-party domains pose a problem Merchants use Klarna’s …Read More

How to Approach A/B Testing for Mobile Commerce

You know that Amazon and Facebook never settle for one awesome website design. In fact, how would Facebook look today if not for iteration? Without a doubt, iterative design and A/B testing have done wonders for websites in recent years. Now, it is time for mobile apps to create optimized selling environments. It’s not the same ball game, though; some challenges are unique for mobile apps. A shorter user attention …Read More

My 2014 Predictions – Marshall Sponder, WebMetricsGuru INC.

    2014 Predictions After a presentation at the Brands Only conference last week in Orlando, FL,  I begun to think about the savings and production gains shifts caused by newer technologies and visualized a “gap” between the easy understanding of data and the efforts to get to that.   In the past, that gap often made it very hard to get meaningful realizations from the data, but I predict …Read More

Wrangle Your Site Categories And Product Types With Content Grouping

Viewing your site content in logical groups is important for sites and businesses of all types. It lets you understand how different categories of products are working together and the buckets that generate the most revenue. Or, if you run a news site understand which categories are the hottest and most in demand. Some of you have been analyzing these things in the past via Advanced Segments but we want …Read More

7 Major Paid Search Lessons Retailers Learned in 2013

2013 was a pivotal year in paid search for retailers. Some experts estimate over 1,000 changes in AdWords alone! From a complete platform upgrade on AdWords to tons of new features on Bing, ecommerce retailers can easily lose track of all the changes. However, with each of these changes came lessons on how to adjust for improved profits in 2014. Adapted from ROI Revolution’s “Countdown to the New Year: 13 …Read More

Data Mining Book Review: Visualize This

Nathan Yau maintains one of the most famous blog about data visualization (flowingdata.com). He is also author of the book Visualize This: The FlowingData guide to design, visualization and statistics. The book is of course well illustrated, full in colors. It is based on the main idea that one can find patterns through well chosen data visualization. He covers topics such as data scrapping, formatting, basic graphs and multidimensional scaling …Read More

Google Tag Manager: Coding & Naming Conventions

Earlier this year eConsultancy reported that Tag Management System (TMS) adoption is set to reach 50% by 2017. Hindsight may reveal this estimate to be somewhat pessimistic if the growth of TMS adoption fails to abate. Driving this trend, Google Tag Manager became a fundamental part of the ConversionWorks service offering. 2014 is set to become the year of the TMS and, as we hope, the year of Google Tag …Read More

Time for Tag Management Vendors to Grow Up

As I have written before, Web Analytics Demystified are big fans of Tag Management Systems, and I believe we are at the point where our entire client base is either on TMS or will be in the very near future. The advantages of TMS, especially when coupled with solid governance and the right resources managing the technology, are so many that we have simply stopped counting, and our most advanced …Read More

What were the most significant developments for SEO in 2013?

It’s been another eventful year in search, mainly thanks to Google, and the role of the SEO has changed, even in this short time.  We’ve had Penguin 2.0, the under the radar Hummingbird update, as well as the removal of the last remaining keyword referral data.  I’ve been asking folks in the industry about their thoughts on SEO in 2013, and the most significant events over the past 12 months…. …Read More