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March 2014

Square Market Partners With Coinbase To Accept Bitcoin

 In the sci-fi show Almost Human, everyone has a bitcoin wallet. More and more places to spend bitcoin means that could become a reality, and popular indie merchant mobile payment provider Square is the latest to accept the cryptocurrency. In an announcement today on their blog, which isn’t an April Fool’s Joke pushed early Square assures us, the company notes that bitcoin can be… Read More

Analyzing Campaigns with Cost Data Upload

Google Analytics allows us to easily integrate our Google AdWords campaign data for reporting and analysis. This makes sense, as Google wants us to be able to understand engagement and performance metrics after somebody lands on our website, or downloads our app, from a paid ad. They’re also both Google products too, so integration helps! But in order to truly understand the performance of our AdWords campaigns we need to …Read More

Sending data from Lantronix to Google Analytics

The following is a guest post from Kurt Busch, CEO, and Mariano Goluboff, Principal Field Applications Engineer at Lantronix. Background Google Analytics makes it easy to create custom dashboards to present data in the format that most helps to drive business processes. We’ve put together a solution that will make several of our devices (networking and remote access devices) easily configurable to enable delivery of end device data to Google …Read More

6 steg för att uppnå stora förändringar

[ Denna artikel (6 steg för att uppnå stora förändringar) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] Varje sida på din webbplats ska ha ett mål. Vi tipsar dig om 6 steg för att uppnå en stor förändring med små medel. Mikro- och makrokonvertering I konverteringsoptimering kan du optimera mot det slutgiltiga målet; ett köp, ett medlemsskap, en signatur etc. Den typen av konvertering kallas makrokonvertring. Alternativet är att fokusera på …Read More

Swiss Analytics Magazine

The Swiss Association for Analytics (www.swiss-analytics.ch) just launched the very first issue of the Swiss Analytics Magazine! Here is the editorial: Welcome to the very first issue of the Swiss Analytics Magazine (SAM), published by the Swiss Association for Analytics (SAA). This magazine is one of our means to achieve the association objectives. The main objective is to provide original analytics content to Swiss practitioners. In the different issues, we …Read More

AOL Aims To Unify Its Programmatic Efforts With A New Ad Platform, ONE

 AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Bob Lord are taking the stage at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco today where they’re announcing a new programmatic ad platform called ONE. I met with Armstrong (CEO) and Lord (CEO of AOL Platforms, which is the new name for AOL Networks) earlier this week to discuss the news. Armstrong said ONE represents the company’s work to “fully… Read More

Most People Won’t Actually Read Your Landing Page – How to Get Your Message Across Anyway

The world today is cluttered and busy. With millions of pages online, people have been forced to filter their content intake. They consume only the content that is relevant to them. The unfortunate bottom line is no one will read your great offer on your stunning landing page if it isn’t relevant. And, it can’t convert if people don’t read it. That’s why you need to write your landing page …Read More

What do we get out of brands interacting with each other on Twitter?

What about us little guys, huh? One of the surprising results of brands adopting social media as a marketing channel is the creation of an unpredictable little corner of Twitter known as ‘that weird thing that happens when brands talk to each other’. As a child of the 80s and therefore a survivor of the Cola Wars, it feels inexplicable that two corporations would even acknowledge each other’s existence, let …Read More

Five ways to handle negative online reviews

Many businesses have shied away from getting involved with online reviews because of the fear that bad reviews will ruin their business. But it’s just not true. Everyone knows that no business is perfect and that sometimes things can go wrong. So across-the-board five star reviews should always be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s inevitable that someday, someone, somewhere will have been less than ecstatic about the …Read More

Eight free content calendar templates to help plan your output

Content marketing is the hot new thing in digital, I think we can all agree. But all this delicious content doesn’t just create itself unfortunately. It requires strategy and planning in order to come up with blogs, white papers, videos, websites or whatever else you’re producing to engage with your audience. To coordinate all your content ideas effectively it is necessary to come up with a content calendar.  Now while …Read More

Transport for London launches sumptuous new website

What’s that plinky plonky banjo sound? Yep it’s a new website explainer video! TfL’s new website, which we looked at in beta back in July 2013, is now live and it’ll surely have been seen already by many of the London readers amongst you. The TfL site has been used by two million visitors whilst in beta. That’s no mean achievement and indicative of just what a challenge the TFL …Read More

Tell a Meaningful Story With Data

This article was originally posted on Google Think Insights. Most organizations recognize that being a successful, data-driven company requires skilled developers and analysts. Fewer grasp how to use data to tell a meaningful story that resonates both intellectually and emotionally with an audience. Marketers are responsible for this story; as such, they’re often the bridge between the data and those who need to learn something from it, or make decisions based on …Read More