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April 2014

A Guide To Running Successful A/B Tests

“I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” Benjamin Franklin In marketing, A/B testing is a technique for measuring the effect of web page changes on a performance metric, such as click through Rate, sign-ups, purchases, etc., on all of your visitors or a specific segment. Marketers have been using A/B testing for a long time to improve revenue and conversion rates. Nevertheless, the …Read More

Square Now Lets Merchants Collect Payments Offline And In Advance For Order Pickup

 Square has long talked about adding more features to its point of sale system to make it more attractive for large and small merchants to use, and for their customers as well. The company even bought Bookfresh to offer booking services for merchants. Today, the payments company is debuting its order ahead and pickup tool, offline mode and inventory tracking for merchants. Pickup We heard a… Read More

New Google Features Aim To Replace 3rd Party Platforms

Google announced last Tuesday, in their first ever Apple-esque mini-keynote speech, some exciting new changes coming to AdWords this year. While some of them are interesting, such as mobile app ads and management, and the way Google will serve up mobile search results to include deep in-app data, they don’t impact most retailers. However, there are some features that we find exciting for the bulk of our retail clients. BIDDING …Read More

AOL Says Spoofed Emails Appeared To Come From 2% Of Accounts, No Financial Info Affected

 AOL just released more information about the email spoofing incident earlier this month. In a blog post, AOL (which owns TechCrunch) wrote that its investigation is still ongoing, but it acknowledged that a “significant” number of users were affected, with the spoofers gaining access to “AOL users’ email addresses, postal addresses, address book contact information… Read More

YoVille Renamed YoWorld And Officially Acquired From Zynga By Big Viking Games

 YoVillians rejoice; your kingdom is saved. Players of the social virtual world game will be excited to hear that their play can continue as YoVille, which was acquired by Zynga a few years ago, will not be shuttered as planned. Instead, it is now the wholly owned property of London, ON-based Big Viking Games, and will be transferred completely (with all game history and profile details intact)… Read More

LinkedIn Announces Partner Programs For Sponsored Updates And Content

 LinkedIn is expanding its content marketing efforts today with the launch of two new types of partnerships — Sponsored Updates Partners and Content Partners. Sponsored Updates were first launched on LinkedIn last summer as a way for companies to pay to promote the content (slideshows, articles, videos, and whitepapers) that they were sharing on LinkedIn. It’s a pretty common… Read More

Sharing is Caring – Unleash your productivity with asset sharing in Google Analytics

Innovation happens on every level Within your organization there are multiple people working on different sides of the same problem. Making it easy for people to quickly and effectively share innovative solutions is a key enabler for more productivity, and better decisions.  We are proud to announce a series of asset sharing tools within Google Analytics. To spread all your innovative solutions and assets even easier. Our permalink solution is …Read More

Zynga Rallies 4% After Reporting Q1 Revenue Of $168M, EPS Of -$0.01

 This afternoon following the bell, Zynga reported its calendar first-quarter financial performance including revenue of $168 million, bookings (non-GAAP) of $161 million, and earnings per share of -$0.01 (non-GAAP). Analysts had expected the company to report top line of $164 million, and a single cent per-share loss. That revenue figure is a decline of 36 percent from the year-ago quarter.… Read More

Webb- och appdata i samma vy

[ Denna artikel (Webb- och appdata i samma vy) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] I dag använder vi många olika enheter och digitala kanaler i kontakten med företag på nätet: genom webbplatsen, mobiler, surfplattor, appar och andra digitala enheter. Nu blir livet lite lättare, i alla fall analyslivet: nu finns möjligheten att samla data från webbplatser och appar in till samma property (webbegendom). Tidigare har inte information om en …Read More

Registration for ACCELERATE 2014 is now open

I am excited to announce that registration for ACCELERATE 2014 on September 18th in Atlanta, Georgia is now open. You can learn more about the event and our unique “Ten Tips in Twenty Minutes” format on our ACCELERATE mini-site, and we plan to have registration open for our Advanced Analytics Education pre-ACCELERATE training sessions in the coming weeks. Holding true to our “analytics for everyone”, and thanks to our generous …Read More

10 Ways To Improve Google Analytics Data Accuracy

We’ve all been there. Everything on surface looks like it’s running smoothly. Data is coming in. The 30,000-foot view of your account looks like business as usual. You start upping your analytics game. Maybe you took some training and you’re getting your hands dirty asking the tough questions of your data. But how do you know if you can trust your data in the first place?   Before I dive into the various …Read More

Cross-device Attribution Modeling for eCommerce Retailers

According to the 2014 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report, more than half of all device users in the United States are multi-platform users (i.e. people who use both mobile and desktop devices). These multi-plaform users now make up 56% of all users in the United States. Since the introduction of smartphones to the marketplace, consumer habits have been changing at lightning speed. This includes their shopping habits. So, how …Read More

Aol Mail Hacked With Spoofed Accounts Sending Spam

 It’s not just you. Aol Mail was hacked affecting an untold amount of accounts that were seemingly spoofed. The Twitter hashtag #aolhacked is filled with first-hand accounts of spam being sent from either the hacked email account or an email account spoofed to look like the original. We’ve reached out to Aol for further clarification. The company said in a statement earlier today… Read More