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July 2014

Ex-Zynga Developers Land $2.5 Million For New Studio JuiceBox Games

 Three former Zynga developers have raised $2.5 million to build out their new gaming studio, JuiceBox Games, on the back of the release of their first gaming title HonorBound. With 3 million downloads and counting, JuiceBox’s first game is already generating revenue for the company. The game is ranked 94 on the list of top-grossing apps with a daily revenue estimate of $14,726 and… Read More

Team Demystified Update from Wendy Greco

(The following is a guest post from Wendy Greco, General Manager of our Team Demystified business unit. You can meet Wendy and learn more about Team Demystified at our ACCELERATE conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 18th — learn more about ACCELERATE and register today!) When Eric Peterson asked me to lead Team Demystified a year ago, I couldn’t say no! Having seen how hard all of the Web Analytics …Read More

Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics: A Case Study

In this post, I will cover some of the benefits of using Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics, as well as have a look at how they are leveraged in practice by startup The Beta Family, a crowdsourcing platform for beta testing apps. In short, Custom Definitions are a way of sending custom meta data from your website or application to Google Analytics. I will not go into more details about …Read More

A Remarketing Resolution Midyear Check-Up

Remarketing has been sort of a hot topic for us here at ROI Revolution lately, with last week’s blog sporting some great insider tips on AdRoll remarketing from one of our seasoned analysts, and a can’t-miss post on dynamic remarketing. Our recent case study also gave you an inside scoop on the techniques one retailer used to net a 785% increase in remarketing sales. Why the remarketing rush now? Well, …Read More

Your Long Wait For TechCrunch-Branded Paper Cups Is Over

 A parent company isn’t all that different from a real parent. They feed you, and give you money. They give you advice (sometimes more strictly than others). And, yes, they embarrass you. Speaking of, today our proud parent company Aol, with vast experience in the retail, online retail, online business, has launched an online storefront for its brands, including TechCrunch. Welcome,… Read More

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing – 5 Tips to Turn Lost Opportunities into Retail Gold

Nearly 70% of shoppers who add products to their cart end up leaving without completing the purchase. So, what can ecommerce retailers do about these lost opportunities to convert a website visitor? Ultimately, remarketing is the best strategy for bringing back those buyers who left without making a purchase. If you can keep your brand and your products in front of motivated buyers, then they are more likely to come …Read More

U.S. Cellular reveals true impact of digital media on sales with Google Analytics Premium

With 10.6 million cell phone customers and retail stores in 400+ markets, U.S. Cellular needs to reach a lot of people with marketing messages. That’s why U.S. Cellular uses many marketing channels — online, in-store and telesales — to drive mobile phone activations. U.S. Cellular was challenged though. They didn’t know how many of their offline sales were driven by their digital marketing. This made it harder to adjust their …Read More

AdRoll Remarketing – Reach Your Customers. Everywhere.

Roughly 1-2% of shoppers convert on their first visit to an online store. But what about that other 98% that come to your site but leave before making a purchase? That is where a successful remarketing strategy can take your business to the next level. Remarketing is the best way to keep your past site visitors engaged with your brand. By keeping track of people who visit your site, remarketing …Read More

A Tale of Two Landing Pages

Last week, we talked about the importance of your Quality Score in reaching your ROI goals. In case you missed the post, Quality Score is a good way to keep tabs on the “customer service” rating of your AdWords campaigns. Today, we’re going to discuss one key element of your Quality Score–your landing page–through the eyes of your user. Once upon a time, there was a hardworking soccer mom. Stacey …Read More

Guest post: Zach Watson

Hadoop Hasn’t Killed the Enterprise Data Warehouse. In Fact, They Work Well Together. Going on several years now, Hadoop has been touted as a replacement for traditional enterprise data warehouses, a position which has spawned debates between Hadoop providers and EDW vendors. Naturally, Hadoop vendors tout the program’s ability to store unstructured data – a resource which enterprises produce in droves – and its scalability as reasons for adoption. And …Read More

#Love: My First Experience With Internet Porn

 Pornographic media has existed since the dawn of time, but it has never been as widely available and accessible as it is today. That’s largely due to the internet, which provides a launch pad for our curiosity no matter the topic. But with sex, a topic relatively more private and intimate, the internet can serve as an important resource for sexual exploration, understanding, and yes… Read More

Friday Q&A 2014-07-18: Exploring Swift Memory Layout

Friday Q&A 2014-07-18: Exploring Swift Memory Layout Friday Q&A 2014-07-18: Exploring Swift Memory Layout Welcome back to another exploration of Swift. Today I’m going to dig into some implementation details and explore how Swift lays out objects and classes in memory. Subject to ChangeEverything about Swift is subject to change, but internal implementation details like these are even more so. This stuff can be handy to know and potentially useful …Read More

Is the Display Network’s Extended Keyword Match Draining Your Ad Spend?

For years advertisers on Google’s Display Network were limited to Keyword Contextual Targeting, which serves your ads on website content relevant to your keywords. In recent years, Google has greatly expanded their targeting options, providing an unrivaled ability to find your perfect audience. While keyword targeting is a mainstay for advertisers, this feature itself has also evolved. Last year, Google expanded keyword matching with an extra layer of behavior-based targeting …Read More

Rooms To Go Improves the Shopper Experience by Integrating Google Analytics Premium with BigQuery

Rooms To Go, a home furnishing retailer, simplifies the shopping experience by offering completely designed room packages. When the company wanted to better understand how its customers purchase its different furniture and decor variations and add-ons to streamline online customization options, it turned to its agency –  LunaMetrics – who integrated Google Analytics Premium and BigQuery. This approach helped to identify which items customers commonly buy together, leading to smarter …Read More