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December 2014

Outfox årskrönika 2014

[ Denna artikel (Outfox årskrönika 2014) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] Ännu ett fantastiskt bra och trevligt år är nu över. Här följer några av höjdpunkterna. • Vi har befäst vår position som Nordens största återförsäljare av Google Analytics Premium, med flera stora internationella varumärken i vår portfölj. Vi hjälper till med Google Analytics Premium för fler än 150 webbplatser som finns i fler än 50 länder. • Vi …Read More

12 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through-Rates on Twitter (Infographic)

Marketers have dozens of Twitter analytics tools at their disposal. These tools give them the power to test the impact of a tweet with the goal of increasing their social media ROI. Those who say that marketing on social media is just a waste of time and money may just be using it incorrectly or their optimization efforts have left them dry with ideas. If you’re one of them, I’d …Read More

The Best Email Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media and Content Marketing Posts of 2014

That’s a tall order to fill, but unlike many “best of” articles floating around on the web this time of year, I’m (shockingly!) not looking at “best” in terms of the most page views, tweets or shares. In worst cases, those kinds of indicators can be artificially inflated or misguided. What I’m looking at are the posts that not only give you the best possible tips and techniques to round …Read More

How SaaS Marketing is Different from Every Other Type of Marketing

SaaS marketers have a tough job. Marketing is hard. But what about marketing something that has no physical presence? Or marketing something that is constantly changing? Or marketing something that has some goofy name? Or marketing something that only about 20 B2B companies will be interested in? Or marketing something that doesn’t even make sense to the average person? You get the idea. SaaS marketing is not for the faint …Read More

Why Modeling Churn is Difficult

Customer churn is a really interesting problem. It appears to be a simple calculation, but the more you explore it the more complex it becomes. Evidence of this complexity appears in the variety of articles written on the subject, such as: For Entrepreneurs uses a very straightforward method of calculation, which is then used as the basis for a number of other important SaaS metrics. Chaotic Flow‘s SaaS metrics archive …Read More

5 Data-Backed Strategies That Will Get You More Mailing List Subscribers

List building is one of those things that marketers are always looking for ways to do better and faster. Even with the rise of social media and content marketing, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing tactics; after all, when a consumer gives you her email address it means you have direct access to one of her most treasured (and nowadays heavily-guarded) possessions: her inbox. …Read More

Happy Christmas from Econsultancy, see you in 2015

As Econsultancy sets its out of office reply to ‘can’t talk, stuffing mince pies in my face’ all that’s left to do is publish one final missive before we disappear into a fog of sherry, then forget to use that Heston Blumenthal turkey brining kit we bought while a bit tipsy in Waitrose last night. Before that happens though, all of us here at Econsultancy would like to say a …Read More

How to Build the Online Community that Builds Trust

Want to build an online community? When you understand the power of the online community, you’re bound to answer in the affirmative. Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, will tell you the online community is the most powerful way to connect with prospects today. Well-run online communities advance trust building. In a recent webinar, Vanessa DiMaura pointed to numerous spots on the Edelman Trust Barometer and pointed out how online …Read More

Attribution and Google Analytics

Log in to Google Analytics and have a look at the Acquisition reports, and you’ll find all kinds of data on how people get to your site. Ever wonder where that comes from, and how GA decides what the source, medium, or campaign values are? Wonder no more, because here we’ll de-mystify the rules. The Source/Medium Rules The basic dimensions that GA uses to describe where someone comes from are Medium …Read More

Google AdWords new metric helps measure in-store conversion

More than ever, customers are using a variety of ways to interact with your business offline or online.  This multichannel connectivity means it’s difficult to measure the impact of one particular marketing effort on a conversion, particularly if that conversion happens offline.  Just because someone sees an online ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll click through immediately to your ecommerce site. They might just make a phone call to your …Read More

What were the biggest SEO trends from 2014?

What’s that? You want one more SEO trends roundup before the end of the year? Well, okay then, but this is your last one. Following on from our posts looking at search predictions for next year and the SEO’s 2015 wishlist, it’s time to take a look back at the major trends from the past 12 months. Here’s what our panel of experts came up with, and while we’re at …Read More

Five things we learned from the Black Friday weekend

Black Friday finally took hold in the UK this year thanks largely to a huge marketing push by retailers. Econsultancy has previously rounded up a number of stats from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and here’s some new data from Affiliate Window. The company’s affiliates recorded 1m sales in the UK over the four day pre-Christmas peak trading period. For more on this topic, read Econsultancy’s posts on Black Friday …Read More

8 Psychological Triggers to Optimize Your Pricing Page

Pricing pages have a huge impact on online sales. Designing the right pricing page is key to increasing checkouts and revenue, but there’s a lot more to a pricing page than its design. Since emotions and psychological triggers influence purchasing behavior, and since consumers depend on products and services to fulfill emotional needs in their lives, pricing pages should meet those needs. The way things are presented to people affects …Read More