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February 2015

How Customer Expectations Can Affect Your Conversion Rate

Richard Lee McNair was a convicted murderer. He’d just broken out of federal prison and was on the run. Police were everywhere, and he needed to get out of sight fast. He ran for a few hours, until he was stopped by Officer Carl Bordelon. For most prisoners, this is where the story would end, but McNair wasn’t your average prisoner. McNair understood expectations and the role they play in …Read More

29 Common Google Analytics Data Errors And How To Fix Them

With the Ecommerce Foundation quoting B2C eCommerce figures of $2.2bn worldwide for 2015, it seems that if a business is not focusing efforts online then it’s falling way behind the current trend. Doing business online these days IS doing business, and the trusted means by which to measure our results is Google Analytics. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it” – Sir William Thomson (First Baron …Read More

Operation Camouflage: How to Hide Your PPC Ads from Competitors

The benefit of hiding your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads from competitors is pretty obvious. PPC advertising is extremely competitive. You compete not only with your direct competitors but also with big-budget advertisers like Amazon and Ask.com who seem to bid on every term under the sun. Which is why hiding your ads from competitors is a great idea—so they can’t copy your ads and so they won’t be able to study …Read More

Safe Browsing and Google Analytics: Keeping More Users Safe, Together

The following was originally posted on the Google Online Security Blog. If you run a web site, you may already be familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and how it lets you know if Safe Browsing finds something problematic on your site. For example, we’ll notify you if your site is delivering malware, which is usually a sign that it’s been hacked. We’re extending our Safe Browsing protections to automatically display …Read More

Six Advantages of Hyperbolic Discounting…And What The Heck Is It Anyway?

I was tossing around concepts for an article, when I decided to settle on the issue of hyperbolic discounting. True to my collaborative self, I shared the title with an industry professional, and here’s what he emailed back: WTF is HyerpWTF&$*R.. Love it. So, these are the reasons I chose the subject of hyperbolic discounting: A lot of people have no clue what hyperbolic discounting is. A lot of people …Read More

Testing Statistical Significance On Google Analytics Data

This article walks you through GA Effect, a web application that helps you identify whether events happening on your Google Analytics data are statistically significant or just pure chance; in other words, it separates signal from noise. I will focus here on how to use GA Effect and interpret the results, but if you are interested in building your own online statistics dashboard using R, take a look at my …Read More

Tom Conrad On The Seven Lessons He Learned Creating Products

Tom Conrad has an impressive resume. He worked at Apple in the early 90s, where he was on the Macintosh team. He’s also been the technical director at Berkley Systems for the You Don’t Know Jack video game series. From there he moved to the Senior Director of Engineering at Pets.com. His next high profile job was co-creating and leading product and technology at Pandora. He’s gained a lot of …Read More

Do You Really Need More Facebook Likes? The Data Driven Answer

More Facebook likes! This is the driving passion of some social media marketers. They desire it. They dream about it. They crave it. They somehow think that more Facebook likes is the panacea for all of the world’s ills. But is it that important? Apart from my obvious hyperbole, are more Facebook likes truly going to create massive engagement, viral excitement, and blast revenue to new heights of glory and …Read More

Site Search in Google Analytics – With or Without Query Parameters

Google Analytics comes with a lot of features “out-of-the-box”, but one of the reports that you will need to configure is the site search report. If you haven’t used this feature yet and you have a search box on your site, keep reading! The site search reports provide data on what type of content people are looking for on your site. Having site search data is like reading the minds …Read More

Are Display Networks Full of Conversions, or Just Full of It?

There are hundreds of ad networks that promise to run your ads with the best chance of conversion, the hottest technology, and the most efficient algorithm. So, digital marketing managers, who hear ad network reps beating the drum in one ear and upper management expecting measurable results in the other, are plagued with one key question: does display advertising really work? By that, I mean, is there tangible, incremental conversion …Read More

How to Get Your First $1 Million in Sales

Tyler Bosmeny is the co-founder and CEO of Clever, which is a fast growing company in the education space. He recently gave a talk at Sam Altman’s How to Start a Startup class at Stanford University describing how startups can get their first $1 million in sales. In the talk, he outlined the four steps of the funnel: Propsecting Conversations Closing Revenue / Promised Land His presentation focused on optimizing …Read More

Popup Showdown: 7 of the Best Popup Scripts and Plugins for Every Project

Back in the early days of the web, it was a scramble to find which business model would fly. Gone were the days of awkward sock puppets in Super Bowl ads or dancing hamsters taking center stage. The freshness and newness of the Internet was both exciting and worrisome. In those early days, Tripod.com was a haven for would-be webmasters. Personal homepages sprung up everywhere and the company quickly learned …Read More