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March 2015

Google Analytics Introduces Product Release Notes

Ever feel like you just can’t keep up with all the new features in Google Analytics? We hear you! To help you keep track of everything that’s going on, we’ve started publishing Release Notes in our product Help Center. Release notes will be updated periodically and will have the most comprehensive list of new features or changes to the Google Analytics product. So, if you see something new in your …Read More

6 Awesome MailChimp Automation Hacks – Lead Scored Emails, Pre-Filled Forms & More!

For the last couple of years, I have been running marketing automation campaigns for large corporations and multinational brands that want to take their marketing strategy to the next level. The work involves advanced clustering and segmentation, automated email flows, social media integration, lead management, and other push and pull mechanisms for personalizing the brand’s marketing to individuals through several touchpoints. Does it sound sophisticated and complex? Well, it is, …Read More

Customer Happiness with Google Analytics & FanExam

Colonoscopies are no fun. The exam is one of the most disagreeable screenings in medicine; but scientists have found a way to make patients “dislike it less”. The solutions is contrary to what any web analyst would include as a hypotheses to “optimize the experience”: increasing the duration of the exam. That’s right: increasing the duration of the exam! A study by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman assessed patients’ appraisals …Read More

How Onnit Can Use KISSmetrics to Drive Their Growth

Launched in 2010, Onnit is a fast-growing company that sells nutritional supplements, food, and fitness products. Most products Onnit sells are their own private label, while a few are from third-party sellers. Many of Onnit’s products are consumables, meaning that customers need to reorder on a regular basis. Therefore, the key to Onnit’s success and growth relies on creating and maintaining a loyal customer base. So, how can an ecommerce …Read More

Driving SaaS Growth With Customer Success

A business cannot survive without loyal customers. SaaS companies depend on recurring customers. Ecommerce companies need repeat purchase customers. Consumer internet companies need visitors to keep coming back on a routine basis. Happy customers are loyal customers. That’s why within many SaaS companies there is a department for customer success. It’s more than a support team – their objective is to maintain happy customers and is responsible to upsells and …Read More

The Four-Step Process For Building a Scalable Sales Machine

Mark Roberge has helped Hubspot become one of the real darlings of the SaaS industry. He’s one of the first employees, and currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer. With this role, he’s created the revenue (over $100 million ARR) and customer acquisition (10,000+ customers) machine that has gotten Hubspot where they are today. If you’re a startup in the SaaS business, it’s hard not to admire what they’ve done. …Read More

9 Facebook Post Engagement Killers

Have you wondered why you are getting a very low engagement on your Facebook posts?  Here are nine common reasons that result in low Facebook post engagement and tips on how to fix them. You are posting on wrong day and time – You should time your posts according to your audience’s (fans/targets) most active time on social media. If you are posting your messages when majority of your audience …Read More

How to Write Product Descriptions That Will Boost Conversions

If you do any reading in the digital marketing space, you’ll find a ton of articles on landing pages, conversion rate optimization, email techniques, etc., etc. These are great resources, and I think you should keep reading them. But there’s a gaping hole in the marketing literature and blogs. I see very little being published on the subject of product descriptions. The Conversion Vortex of Product Descriptions I think that …Read More

Hur Unicef jobbar med A/B-tester och optimering

[ Denna artikel (Hur Unicef jobbar med A/B-tester och optimering) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] Det var många bra talare på konferensen Outfox Your Competition den 12 mars. Min favoritpresentation hölls av Maria Del Riccio från Schibsted som gav sina bästa tips på hur man klarar sig som konverteringsoptimerare. Om du missade henne den här gången, missa inte nästa gång hon pratar. Två rävar höll låda; Johan Johansson delade kunskap …Read More

Solutions Guide for Implementing Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

Marketers, developers, and practitioners of analytics depend on having the right data at the right time – but implementing analytics code or AdWords pixels can be a less than fun (or easy) experience. Google Tag Manager makes tagging simple and fast by letting you add tags with a simple UI instead of code, while also offering advanced tracking features used by some of the web’s top sites. Today we’re excited …Read More

15 Google Analytics Tips to Speed Up Your Website Data Analysis & Optimization

Would you like to achieve more in less time and with less effort? The success of any online business depends on how quickly it can turn insights into action. This is true for data analysis as well. The good news is that you are about to learn 15 actionable tips you can use with Google Analytics to speed up your data analysis and website optimization. Apply the tips to your …Read More

Evolving Beyond The Conversion With Neil Hoyne

Measurement is constantly evolving, and while metrics by themselves each tell us something interesting, they do not necessarily tell the whole story or equally important, what to do next. In essence, our tools provide the what, but not always the why. As marketers and analysts, we need to put in the work and be able to take the next steps with our data: tell the whole story to our teams …Read More

How to Build a Growth Machine

There’s one important thing we have to get out of the way: Growth has nothing to do with tactics; it has everything to do with process. So says Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot. You hear all the time about X company tripled their growth by doing X hack. The fact is that it worked for them, and it’s unlikely to work for you. Balfour spoke at 500 Distro, …Read More