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June 2015

Visualiseringar i realtid

[ Denna artikel (Visualiseringar i realtid) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] Carl, kan du berätta lite om din utbildning på KTH? Jag pluggar till Civilingenjör i Medieteknik med masterinriktning på Interaktiva Medier som är den mest programmeringsintensiva inriktningen. Detta har gett mig möjligheten att läsa kurser inom mobilutveckling, interaktionsprogrammering, multimodala interaktioner och gränssnitt, beslutstödssystem för att nämna några. Du har gjort ditt exjobb hos Outfox. Vad handlar det om? …Read More

How To Setup Enhanced Ecommerce Impressions Using Scroll Tracking

A version of this post originally appeared on Google Analytics Certified Partner InfoTrust’s site. by Nate Denlinger, Web Developer at GACP InfoTrust, LLCOne of our specialities here at InfoTrust is helping ecommerce businesses leverage their web analytics to make better data-driven marketing decisions. This typically starts with installing Google’s Universal Analytics web analytics software and utilizing all of the functionality that is offered with Enhanced Ecommerce tracking capabilities. Enhanced Ecommerce provides you with …Read More

How The Right Analytics Can Strengthen Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is where the heart is. Data-driven marketing offers industry leaders the opportunity to increase their market growth, while shaping customer satisfaction. Based on the Forbes Insights and Turn report, “Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization,” executives agreed that data-driven marketing is critical in our competitive global economy. Companies embracing this idea are three times more likely than others to say they have …Read More

14 Unconventional Features Online Stores Use to Boost Conversions

With more ecommerce businesses coming online each day, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to connect with your audience. Even stores that operate in small niches are seeing new competitors, large and small. To keep your business moving forward, we’ve gathered a set of 14 unconventional features that online stores use to grab the attention of their audience, and ultimately, make more sales. With more ecommerce businesses …Read More

How to Squeeze Every Drop of Valuable Visitor Data from Your Forms (Without Complicated Programming)

It’s the great marketing catch-22: You need visitor data in order to create value-filled, personalized, highly targeted offers. The more information they provide, the greater your ability to build personas that fit your ideal customers. But your visitors still aren’t convinced. Like jittery fish, you’ve presented them with the tastiest bait, and they’re hesitant to even take a nibble. So how can you get the information you need without scaring …Read More

3 Awesome Ecommerce Design Trends You Can Implement Today

This is a guest post from Josh Johnson, Inbound Marketing Manager at Creative Market. Keeping your online store on trend can be the difference between staying relevant and losing sales. This applies not only to the products that you’re selling, but how you present them. In this post, we’ll take a look at three design trends you can leverage to keep your online store looking fresh! A Bit About Design Trends Some designers …Read More

The Top 5 Kissmetrics Reports Every SaaS Marketer Needs

Today’s SaaS marketers face many challenges. Their job, of course, is to spread awareness and drive customer acquisition. On top of these difficult tasks, marketers are always under pressure to improve their numbers and performance. You’ve got a 3% conversion rate? Great, how do you double that in the next month? Kissmetrics is here to help marketers. Our reports enable marketers to track and analyze their online marketing campaigns. Today’s …Read More

Google Tag Manager

[ Denna artikel (Google Tag Manager) skrevs och publicerades av: Outfox. ] Outfox är utsett som specialister på Google Tag Manager av Google. Det innebär att vi har relevant kompetens och kunskaper om produkten för att hjälpa våra kunder att införa Google Tag Manager.   Vad är Tag Management? Produkter för Tag Management ger möjlighet att hantera olika spårningsscript på webbplatsen utan att IT-avdelningen eller webbutvecklarna behöver lägga in scripten. …Read More

Getting Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans (Infographic)

More and more people are using Facebook to research businesses these days, and they’re doing more than just finding a business’s location and reading posts. People are using Facebook for social proof. They want to see how many people “Like” a business. Think about it. If you want to go to a new restaurant and you visit its Facebook page and it has 30 fans, does that make you more …Read More

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, Powered by Google Analytics

Today we’re excited to announce you can use audiences (previously remarketing lists) created in Google Analytics to reach your customers on Google Search, with no tagging changes required. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) allows you to tailor your search ads and based on your visitors’ past activity on your website. Now you can leverage more than 200 Google Analytics dimensions and metrics to create and activate your audiences for remarketing, then …Read More

Here’s How You Can Win an Ecommerce Business and 6 Months Free on Shopify

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving away a fully functional ecommerce business to one lucky entrepreneur! Yesterday we shared a case study that outlined the entire process of how the Shopify Content Team built Hello Matcha – a dropshipping business selling matcha tea. In three days, it generated close to $1,000 in revenue. Now, we’re giving the business away. This is your chance to take this turnkey business and make it …Read More

11+ Places Where (not set) Can Strike in Google Analytics

When it comes to reporting on your website, knowing that your data is as accurate as possible is one of the most important considerations. Most effort is done in the implementation phase, but as time goes on, you may start to see ‘(not set)’ creeping into some of your Google Analytics reports. This label doesn’t tell us much in terms of analytics or decision-making and it can strike in multiple places …Read More

Using the “So What?” Test to Transform Your Copy

Take a look at various products and services around the web, and you’ll find one common theme. They all talk about themselves and what their product does. Few of them talk about what they can do for you. This is a devastating mistake that marketers and copywriters make. To write effectively, you can apply a simple test to all your copy. The “So What?” Test You want customers, right? Then …Read More

Learn to optimize your tag implementation with Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

We’re excited to announce that our next Analytics Academy course, Google Tag Manager Fundamentals, is now open for participation. Whether you’re a marketer, analyst, or developer, this course will teach you how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process. You’ll join instructor Krista Seiden to explore topics through the lens of a fictional online retailer, The Great Outdoors and their Travel Adventures website. Using practical examples, …Read More

How We Built an Ecommerce Business from Scratch and Generated $922.16 in Revenue in 3 Days

It all started with a challenge – build an ecommerce business from scratch and see how many sales we could generate in three days. For many entrepreneurs, building their first business can be intimidating. There’s seemingly hundreds of steps, choices and paths to get to the finish line of just launching your business, let alone generating traffic and sales. Most of the time though, the whole process of building and …Read More