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July 2015

How to Succeed at The Most Critical Point in SaaS Sales

If you’re like any other SaaS marketing maven, you want to drive more sales in the best way possible. And if you’ve given it any thought, you realize the epochal importance of the free trial. Everything about the free trial is important. I would argue that the free trial is the most critical phase in SaaS sales. Most SaaS sales models place an enormous amount of emphasis on the trial, …Read More

The Five Elements of a Perfect SaaS Support System

If you’re a SaaS business, chances are support is one area of your business that you want to be flawless. Providing great support is the key to your growth and success. According to an Oracle study, 9 out of 10 customers have abandoned a business because of a poor customer support experience. You don’t want to be that business, do you? At the same time, customer support can be the …Read More

Are Your Insights Interesting or Actionable?

“What is the business objective and who is the audience?” this is the question you should always ask before developing data insights.  This will help you figure out if you need to focus on Interesting or actionable insights. Yes, actionable insights are also interesting but not the way Media thinks. Media hypes Interesting Insights, insights that might not be actionable and valuable to the business. Your business stakeholders might prefer actionable …Read More

The Top 3 Ways to Get Your SaaS Customers to Open Your Emails

Quick poll question: How many of you have signed up for a free software trial and then cancelled it after getting the welcome email? Most people have at least once. Mainly because the welcome email was just so awful that there’s no way the software could have been good, right? For SaaS companies, this can be a big problem. Emails are the lifeblood of many SaaS providers, so losing subscribers …Read More

Are You Ready for the Future of Adaptive Content?

A startling 94% of companies claim that personalization is a key component of their success. Meanwhile, 56% of consumers would happily purchase from a company that provides a good – not even great – personalized experience. Those kinds of statistics aren’t just impressive, they’re actually driving a new form of content development: adaptive content. This idea is the new kid on the block. For the purpose of this post, we’ll …Read More

L’Oréal Canada finds beauty in programmatic buying

Cross-posted on the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog While global sales of L’Oréal Luxe makeup brand Shu Uemura were booming, reaching its target audience across North America proved challenging. By collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld (and his cat, Choupette) and using DoubleClick Bid Manager and Google Analytics Premium, the campaign delivered nearly double the anticipated revenue. Goals Re-introduce and raise awareness of the Shu Uemura cosmetics brand in North America Drive North American …Read More

5 Ways to Write Magnetic Call-to-Actions in Just 5 Minutes

As a business owner, you’re constantly striving to stay on the same page with prospects and clients. But does your message actually have a compelling substance, or are you just telling beautiful stories that keep your readers entertained for a short while? Small Business Trends indicates that 70% of most B2B websites lack a call to action. This rookie mistake is automatically affecting that website’s relationship with clients and ultimately, …Read More

Google’s Next Big Algorithm Change is Coming… Will Your Site Survive?

A lot of website owners were caught with their heads in the sand when it came to Penguin and Panda. Even more recently, Google’s push to embrace mobile responsive sites has businesses scrambling to ensure their sites load quickly and flawlessly on mobile devices. So what’s next? And how can you prepare yourself rather than being blindsided by the change? The fact is, no one but Google knows when the …Read More

Tackle Marketing Automation to Drive Conversions

According to Aberdeen Group’s research study, “companies using marketing automation receive 53 percent higher conversion rates than non-users and an annualized revenue growth rate 3.1 percent higher than non-users.” Businesses notice the value of this technology and are taking advantage of its benefits to deploy successful campaigns. Marketing automation helps companies increase workplace productivity by effectively eliminating repetitive manual processes with an automated solution-oriented substitution. Then, human error becomes less …Read More

6 Common Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs (and How You Can Adopt Them)

Quiz: Which Successful Entrepreneur Are You Most Like? 6 Common Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs There’s no definitive formula for success. However, as entrepreneurs, we don’t really need a formula. We can stand on the shoulders of giants. We don’t need to guess or try to figure out our path to success from complete scratch. We can look to the successful entrepreneurs out there and emulate their habits, common qualities and …Read More

5 Ways to Become a Better Headline Writer

Article headlines make the Internet go round. Ask any marketer, any writer, any reader, anyone. They’ll tell you: Article headlines are super important. How important, really, are headlines? Experience, data, and history all point to the fact that headlines are the single most important component of an article, bar none. You’ve heard the statistics repeated ad nauseum — 80% read the headline, 20% read the article, ten seconds to gain …Read More

Is Your Winning Variation Actually Leading to More Cancellations? How to Use Data to Find Out

Imagine this: you just found a huge win on an A/B test. Your variation doubled signups over the original. So you launch your variant to 100% of visitors. Pop the cork! Here come the signups. Fast forward six months, and you have a surge in cancellations. Your customer support team can’t figure it out, and there have been no major changes in your product. You are left puzzled and frustrated. …Read More

4 Simple Reasons Your Blog Still Isn’t Getting Traffic

Here’s the number one complaint after starting a new blog: Why aren’t we getting traffic?! I’ve heard this complaint once. I’ve heard it a million times. Eager blog writers get burned out, discouraged, and quit. The decline is simple: They start a blog. The traffic does not materialize. The blog fizzles and dies. The why-am-I-not-getting traffic question basically sums up the entire industry of SEO, so that doesn’t provide much …Read More

10 Kickass A/B Testing Case Studies From Our Archive

With more than 150 case studies on successful A/B tests performed (woah!), the VWO resource library offers a plethora of actionable tips on conversion rate optimization — to newbie and veteran marketers alike. However, going through all of those case studies at once can be a strenuous task. So, I decided to curate the top 10, the learning from which would help you ace your next A/B test. The following …Read More