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June 2016

Want a Bigger Marketing Budget? Optimize Your LTV to CAC Ratio

Almost every head of marketing, whether they are a CMO, VP, or Director of Marketing is thirsty for a larger marketing budget. With more money to spend, marketing can (theoretically) drive more growth. But all too often marketing budgets are set without much rhyme or reason – there tends to be a huge correlation to how many sales were made in the previous month or quarter, or worse yet they …Read More

What Bots Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Online Store

It’s hard to talk about “conversational commerce”—a concept coined by Uber’s Chris Messina to describe the future of messaging apps—without mentioning chatbots. Chatbots are essentially programs pretending to be people that you can interact with through text or even voice.  Essentially, you can talk to these chatbots in your messaging apps, much like you would any other contact in your list, to get the day’s news or even get something done. In the context of …Read More

How Bee-High Is Redefining Cannabis Culture by Building an Audience on Tumblr

Travis Lachner, is the founder of Bee-High, a social-profit company leading a new generation of cannabis culture. On this podcast you’ll learn how he runs a side business selling cannabis accessories, and why he chose to invest his time marketing on Tumblr rather than Facebook.  In this episode, we discuss: How and why to get deeply involved with communities before launching your business. How to deal with the lack of energy …Read More

5 Steps to Recovering from Low Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages are intended to be simple and straightforward – a single page designed to get a specific audience to take an action. Marketers use landing pages to get people to: Make a product purchase Opt-in to get a promotional product like an ebook or report Request more information or a consult Urge an audience to subscribe You’d think that creating a page for such simple tasks would be easy, …Read More

Remotely Successful: How One Business Made Millions in the Middle of Nowhere

Unlike the hordes of hopeful entrepreneurs who move to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Jeff Philipp decided to set up his tech empire in his hometown of Fort Providence, a small hamlet in the Canadian sub-arctic. To date, he’s earned tens of millions of dollars in revenue. And his company’s motto? Innovation doesn’t care where you live. In this TGIM short, you’ll… Learn how it’s possible to start a business anywhere Discover why remote …Read More

The Poor Man’s Marketing Stack: How to Hack Marketing Automation

There are over 2,000 marketing technology companies today. Each one doing something a bit different, filling some unique yet critical need. That means on a daily basis, marketers might choose from 100 different software programs to fulfill relatively basic tasks. That inspired somebody, somewhere, to misappropriate the word ‘stack’ from the development world to describe how a particular company might be aligning all their pieces of a marketing and sales …Read More

Home Office Ideas: Brilliant Hacks to Maximize Productivity

Tell me if this sounds familiar: your family’s living space needs have swelled into every square foot of your 2-bedroom house, edging your home office into your drafty attic or dungeon-like basement – spaces that suit a vampire just fine, but aren’t ideal for mere mortals. It’s a sacrifice you gladly make as an entrepreneur. But dark, cramped, and unappealing spaces could actually be doing harm to your business, not …Read More

How Persistence (Not Passion) Helped Fitlosophy Sell Over Half a Million Books

Angela Mader is the Founder of Fitlosophy, a 12-week series of fitness and nutrition journals that shuns quick-fix gimmicks and instead focuses on mindfulness and gratitude for goal setting. On today’s podcast you’ll learn why she argues that persistence is more important than passion and how it helped her sell over half a million books. In this episode, we discuss: What is “analysis paralysis” and how to combat it. How to …Read More

Go Beyond Discounts – Learn How to Boost Your Sales with Onsite Retargeting

The goal of every online store is to increase their revenue. That’s why popups with the primary goal of convincing visitors to buy – through a coupon, discount, or special offer – are becoming so widespread. However, when it comes to converting visitors into customers, you should recognize which stage of the buying process your visitor is in right now – because at many stages, direct sales promotion isn’t the …Read More

Which Lead Generation Tactics Get the Best Results?

When it comes to lead generation, quality matters over quantity. But by the same token, people don’t like being sold to and they resent the notion that they’re simply “numbers in a database somewhere”. With that in mind, Ascend2 conducted research on the most effective tactics for both lead generation and lead nurturing. What they found out may surprise you. Which Strategies Were Most Effective? Email marketing is still king of …Read More

I’m Kit. Hire me for $10/month.

Dear Entrepreneur, I want to help you grow your business. Being an entrepreneur is an extraordinary thing. It’s hard, stressful, and emotional, but it’s incredibly rewarding. With everything that’s on your plate, it’s important to have someone on your team who is reliable and ready to get things done. Please find attached my resume and references from fellow Shopify merchants for your consideration. I’ve helped thousands of Shopify store owners …Read More

Dov Baron Literally Fell Off a Cliff — Here’s How It Changed His Life

In 1990, Dov Baron slipped during a rock climbing expedition and fell 120 feet onto his face. He disintegrated some of his upper jaw and fractured his lower jaw in four places.  The experience changed his life. Today, Dov Baron is an author and mentor. Inc Magazine put him on their list of top business speakers and thinkers. The lesson his accident taught him? Entrepreneurship is about working through pain to find the path to …Read More