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July 2016

Customer Data: The Solution to Lead Generation

More leads, please. In most companies, it’s an ongoing process to generate interested buyers to your product and services. We want qualified leads that move effortlessly throughout the sales cycle. But the problem lies in our preparation. Some of us just don’t have enough information about our prospects. The CSO Insight study reported that “42 percent of sales reps feel that they don’t have the right information before making a …Read More

The Art of Reinvention: One Couple’s Secret to Keeping Their Seasonal Business Thriving

Nick Worsley stealthily hunts flies, bringing down the swatter in quick, deft strikes, punctuating the conversation I’m having with his wife and business partner, Amanda. We’re sitting behind the counter at The General – the couple’s new store in the bustling wine county of Prince Edward. The door is propped open, inviting out-of-town visitors, locals, and the unwanted buzzing guests. It’s a Monday afternoon in the heart of the region’s high season. …Read More

9 Ways For Marketers To Do Amazing Technical Things Without Knowing Code

As a marketer, you are always looking to do more with less. You may get the sense that technology can help you do better and you’re right. Follow along as I explain exactly how you can harness this force without writing a single line of code. 1. Do A/B Split Tests and Personalization You’ve probably heard of all the merits of A/B split testing and of being data-driven, but how …Read More

What Does a CRO Program Consist of? | An Interview with Avast’s Michal Parizek

The following is an interview with Michal Parizek, Senior eCommerce & Optimization Specialist at Avast (a leading antivirus software company). Michal is a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert, having over seven years of experience across multiple industries. Michal has created the popular Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity Model, where he illustrates the core assets of a successful CRO program for organizations operating at different scales. Using the model, organizations can understand …Read More

How Hiring a PR Agency Helped Huel Kickstart a £2 Million Business

Julian Hearn is the founder of Huel, a nutritionally complete powdered food. Everything your body needs and nothing more. Find out how he used a PR agency to kickstart a £2 million business. In this episode, we discuss: The signs to look out for to determine if you are in a growing industry. How to use a PR agency to kickstart a marketing plan. What you need to prepare before working …Read More

YouTube video tracking via Google Tag Manager

  Embedding YouTube Video Player and using API for iframe embeds Before you can track YouTube videos, you need to embed them on a web page.The method that you use to embed YouTube videos, play a key role in video tracking. There are two methods of embedding a YouTube player on your website: one that involves embedding a flash object (deprecated) and the other one that involves embedding an iframe. …Read More

[CASE STUDY] How an eCommerce Store Reduced their Cart Abandonment Rate by Over 17% Using Onsite Retargeting

BootCuffsSocks.com is an online store that sells a wide variety of boot accessories for women. With a high volume of traffic, they are continually working to convert visitors into valuable sales by providing high-quality products, impeccable customer service, fast and free shipping, and easy returns on their selection of boot cuffs, boot socks, and leg warmers. In this case study, we’ll show you step-by-step how they decreased their cart abandonment rate by …Read More

The Hidden Side Effects of Using Big Data to Better Understand Your Customers

When it comes to better understanding your customers, you likely leverage every possible resource from personas to mapping the customer experience journey. For marketers, big data is a boon – it’s a gold mine of information that, to be sure, requires a bit of digging through the dirt to get to the real treasure. Big data has been used to tout everything from customer sentiment to fraud prediction. By letting computers …Read More

10 Free Google Chrome Extensions Every Entrepreneur Should Install

As the app where you probably spend most of your time on your computer, your browser is useful for much more than just “browsing” the internet. There’s a lot of features you can unlock by customizing your browser with extensions to better suit your needs—especially if you’re an entrepreneur. And since Google Chrome has around 71% share of browser usage, it’s no surprise that many of the most useful browser extensions …Read More

Google Data Studio for Ecommerce Businesses

Google Data Studio is a great tool to visualize datasets from multiple sources, such as Google Sheets, BigQuery, AdWords, and others. But being part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, it is no surprise that it makes a perfect visualization tool for Google Analytics too! In the coming weeks and months we will showcase some best practices and sample reports in this blog, but we thought we would start with …Read More

Are You Handicapping Your Conversion Rate?

As humans, we tend to believe that if we like something, it must have value—how else do you explain our obsession with celebrities? I mean, I’ve never met Tom Brady, but he’s one of my favorite athletes…so he must be a good guy, right? Unfortunately, this sort of thinking doesn’t end with pro athletes or TV stars. As online marketers, we make a lot of assumptions about how certain website elements affect our conversion rates. After …Read More

How ColorIt Used Amazon as a Proving Ground to Build Its $2.5 Million Business

Mike Jackness is the co-founder of ColorIt, a company that strives to make the best coloring books for adults on the market. Learn how they used Amazon as a proving ground to build a $2.5 million business. In this episode, we discuss: How to use Amazon reviews to figure out how to improve on an existing product. What is “consumerability” and why you want to sell a product that has it. How …Read More

Data Studio: New, Simplified, AdWords Connector

Google Data Studio is our new Business Intelligence product that makes it easy to connect, visualize, and share data. Today we updated the Google Data Studio AdWords connector to be more flexible and easier to use. The AdWords connector allows AdWords customers to access their AdWords account data in Data Studio, build visually stunning reports, and share those reports to business stakeholders across their organization. Report built with the AdWords …Read More