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September 2016

Chart: The Aftermath of the Brexit Vote

The Aftermath of the Brexit Vote It’s been 3 months, and no signs of doom or gloom. The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. For the first half of the year, we were warned early and often by authorities that the Brexit vote could be a calamity for the ages. For example, the IMF claimed that a “Leave” result would threaten to “cause severe …Read More

How Analytics Is Transforming Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are crucial. The goal of loyalty initiatives is to engage, not pander more products to frequent buyers. But how do you determine if your loyalty program is working well? Use data to steer your customer loyalty program in the right direction. McKinsey found that “executive teams that make extensive use of customer data analytics across all business decisions see a 126% profit improvement over companies that don’t.” …Read More

41 Interesting Facts About Tesla Motors

For investors, Elon Musk is a polarizing figure. He clearly sees the big picture and has started multiple companies that could be considered to be extremely successful by almost any set of criteria: Paypal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and Solar City are all valued at over $1 billion – an impressive feat, to be sure. Musk also continually aims to bring us game-changing technologies that will improve society. The Hyperloop, Gigafactory …Read More

The Most Popular Jobs in a Decade

Are you a job seeker looking to play a very ambitious long game? While the automation potential of many jobs today is undoubtedly high, we also know that technology is going to create many new positions that we never could have imagined. Instead of fighting automation, the enterprising job seeker should consider being on the cutting edge by entering a field that is only just now emerging. Popular Jobs in …Read More

An Easier Way for Everyone to Improve the Customer Experience: Meet Google Optimize

Nearly 9 in 10 business leaders in a recent survey said that improving the customer experience is fundamental to their future success and brand reputation.1 Yet less than half of business leaders say they have actually taken action around their customer experience activities.2 Today, consumers have higher expectations for businesses to deliver more personalized site experiences based on the information they’ve shared. Businesses need to be able to quickly discover …Read More

Going Omnichannel | A Robust Framework for eCommerce Enterprises

Consumers in the digital age want an integrated shopping experience. They might browse an eCommerce website on mobile but ultimately make a purchase from desktop. Or they might pay online, but pick up the purchased item from the store. Such user behavior has been highlighted by a 2014 GfK study: “With people constantly moving between devices, it is important for marketers to reach their audience across all platforms. Brand experiences …Read More

How to Add Real-Time Communication to Your Existing Marketing Stack

Let’s think back to the early days of social media for a moment, and how it impacted our marketing. Not only did it bring the potential of massive free exposure, it radically increased transparency as well. Every good or bad customer experience suddenly became a potentially viral story. And thus the relation between business and consumer was changed, forever. But social media isn’t at the top of the digital food …Read More

Google Analytics Announces a Free Version of Optimize

Back in March Google announced the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Part of that announcement was the release of Google’s new A/B testing platform Optimize 360. For the past six months Optimize 360 has only been available as a private beta to Google Analytics 360 customers, but now they have opened that beta to the public, announcing a free version for everyone, and allowing people to sign up to request access! …Read More

Announcing: Smart, Fast-Acting Analytics — For Everyone

This past March, we launched the Google Analytics 360 Suite, a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products designed for the needs of enterprise-class marketers in today’s multi-screen world.  Today we have another exciting announcement. Next month we’ll start rolling out a new product: Google Optimize — a free version of our enterprise-class testing and personalization product, Google Optimize 360. Google Optimize will be globally available at that time. …Read More

Nya unika händelser i Google Analytics

Google har just lanserat nya mätetal kring händelser (events) i Google Analytics. Därför kan du i rapporterna hitta ett nytt mätetal som heter ”Unika händelser (nya)”. När du skapar anpassade rapporter visas också att mätetet ”Unika händelser” snart kommer att tas bort. Det gamla mätetelet ersätts dock av ett mätetal som heter ”Unika dimensionskombinationer”. Solkart? Nej, så vi passar på att förklara lite mer! En unik händelse i Google Analytics räknas bara en gång …Read More

Real Estate Bubbles: The Six Cities at Risk of Bursting

What do Vancouver, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Munich, and Hong Kong all have in common? According to economists at UBS Wealth Management, these six cities all have the notorious designation of being the real estate markets furthest into “bubble” territory: The major Swiss bank recently published the results of their 2016 Real Estate Bubble Index. The report found that since 2011, the six cities in “bubble” territory have seen housing prices …Read More

A/B Testing vs Multiple Variant Testing: And the Winner Is…?

During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Mahe Drysdale rowed 2,000 meters (1.24 miles) in just 6 minutes and 41 seconds. However, despite his impressive performance, the world record-holder nearly lost the race. In one of the closest finishes in Olympic history, Drysdale won by mere millimeters. Have you ever seen anything like this!? Mahe Drysdale takes single sculls gold… just! https://t.co/Lwvrwbys18 pic.twitter.com/5nY1L7cc7q — BBC Sport (@BBCSport) August 13, 2016 In contrast, Great Britain’s Men’s …Read More

[CASE STUDY] How Ultimate Office® Achieved 5,56% Increase in Revenue Using Onsite Retargeting

Ultimate Office® offers unique solutions for organizing workspaces, managing and storing documents, displaying promotional materials, and more. As an existing B2B business, Ultimate Office® knows how hard it is to attract customers, gain their trust and convince them to make a purchase. In their online store at UltOffice.com they are constantly looking for ways to maximize the results of their marketing efforts. Using onsite retargeting they were able to achieve their …Read More

How to set up Analytics on your AMP page

In the digital world, whether you’re writing stories for your loyal readers, creating creative content that your fans love, helping the digital community, or providing items and services for your customer, understanding your audience is at the heart of it all. Key to unlocking that information is access to tools for measuring your audience and understanding their behavior. In addition to making your page load faster, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) …Read More