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November 2016

5 Ways Your E-Commerce Business Can Recover From A Growth Setback

Facing growth setbacks is part of the risk of doing business. While most companies may only highlight their successes to the public, it’s important to understand that every business has its own group of challenges. The key is to recognize the issues and take the necessary actions to move forward. “You may be facing your share of woes from financial problems to employee shortages to increased competition. Just because those …Read More

Most Banks Are Screwing Up On Their Stock Picks

Let’s say that a bank such as Goldman Sachs publishes a recommendation to “Buy Stock X”. It’s hard to ignore a bet by a powerful investment bank such as Goldman. We are mere mortals in the pecking order, and they are supposed to be the all-knowing smart money from Wall Street. Do we buy the stock, or is it simply wiser to pass? Bank Performance Overall The folks at InterTrader …Read More

Data Studio: DoubleClick Campaign Manager Connector

Google Data Studio (beta) allows users to connect, transform, visualize, and share data no matter where it lives. Today we are happy to announce that DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) customers can pull their data into Data Studio dashboards instantly! With this new connector, DCM customers no longer need to import data into spreadsheets. Users can now quickly create dashboards with over 50 DCM metrics and dimensions. These dashboards are an …Read More

[Free Report] Trends, Opportunities, and Pitfalls Fashion Retailers Can’t Ignore

Tomorrow’s technologies are about to collide… Significant shifts in consumer preference, behavior, and geographic centers of affluence will influence how those technologies are used for commerce. What will your industry look like when artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and next generation wearables created with 3D scanning technology collide to create a one-touch on demand purchasing environment unlike any in operation today? Is your brand positioned to capitalize? Or if you’re not …Read More

14 Companies Control the Entire Auto Industry

These 14 Companies Control the Entire Auto Industry If you’re looking to buy a luxury car such as a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Bentley, you might have less choice than you think. All three of those luxury brands are actually owned by Volkswagen – the Germany-based company that also owns brands such as Audi, Bucatti, and Skoda. The above infographic from Business Insider shows the 14 companies that control a combined …Read More

How Fixing Client Analytics Can Help Agencies Sell More

A completely accurate client analytics account is few and far between. That forces you, brave agency veteran, to roll up your sleeves and try to make sense of the chaos you’re looking at for each unique scenario. You didn’t plan for it. You didn’t charge for it. And now, if you don’t fix it, you’ll face an uphill battle in trying to prove the resulted you delivered. Like it or …Read More

Rethinking Marketing Measurement from the Ground Up

From the moment smartphones touched human hands, they began to change how people interact with brands. It happened slowly at first … but today 91 percent of smartphone users turn to their phone for ideas while doing a task.1 Consumers expect more of marketers now. They expect brands to answer their questions and deliver the exact experiences they want at the moments they need to know, go, do, or buy …Read More

How to Start a Fashion Line: Secrets from a Project Runway Designer

When Sarah Donofrio collected her fashion design degree, she stepped into the real world with the same question that plagues creatives of all ilks: what now? Fashion school taught her about pattern grading, sewing, drawing, and draping. She could drop a mean french seam. She could tell you everything about fit. Her education, however, didn’t prepare her to actually start a clothing line. These were skills she learned over the …Read More

A 4-Fold Approach to Increasing Conversion Rate on your Website

The problem with a traffic graph that’s going upward is that it’s not determinant of the number of customers. You can keep investing in traffic acquisition strategies until the cows come home, but that won’t yield any tangible results if you don’t optimize your website for conversions. But how do you go about adopting conversion optimization and increasing conversion on your website? A formalized conversion optimization program works like this: …Read More

How Content Syndication Helped BestSelf Co. Launch a $2 Million Business

Content can be excellent bait for attracting the kinds of people you want as customers. But it’s not enough to create epic content if your audience doesn’t see it. One way to ensure it lives in the same places your audience does is by syndicating it on other platforms. Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer are the founders of BestSelf Co.: one of the winners of Shopify’s Build a Business VI competition and …Read More

PPC Advertising Hack: Super-Targeted Live Chat Prompts

How do I get potential customers to engage on my site? If you’re trying to run a business online, this is a critically important question to answer—especially if you’re running any sort of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Clicks and site traffic simply aren’t enough. If you want your business to succeed, you need conversions and sales. Now, hopefully, since you’re here on the Kissmetrics blog, you already know that. You’re constantly improving …Read More

New Guide: Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Most people who use the Facebook aren’t “searching” for a product that will add more value to their lives; they’re searching for that next funny or emotional status update, a trending piece of news or information, or even just a simple distraction. For you, as an ecommerce store owner, this is your ultimate opportunity. The power of Facebook ads allows you to evoke the same emotion and curiosity that people …Read More

Here’s What the Most Iconic Tech Investors Read Each Morning

When you must be on the cutting edge of the intersection of finance and technology at all times, it pays to be an adamant reader. Books are obviously a huge source of information for the world’s best investors – and we’ve looked at their book recommendations in the past – but perhaps even more telling is what they read on a day-to-day basis. Today, we get a snapshot of the …Read More