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January 2017

Online Content: Is Longer Really Better?

Writing online content is something of a balancing act. For years, SEO experts have pointed out that Google loves longer content. Your readers? Not necessarily. As a writer, that means you’re kind of stuck in the middle. Write too little, and your content won’t rank. Write too much, and most people won’t read your content. ‘Tis a conundrum, no? The good news is, Google has realized that word count and keyword density …Read More

3 Ways to Better Support Marketing Decisions with Data

It’s often said that marketing is both an art and a science. The science side is increasingly in the spotlight as companies use data to optimize the customer experience at every touchpoint. But, ensuring that insights surfaced from that data lead to action requires the arts of communication and collaboration. Highly data-driven organizations are three times more likely than others to report significant improvement in decision-making.1 Yet, 62% of executives …Read More

Selling in Marketplaces Versus Your Own Store: Lessons From the Founder of Dotoly

Cindy Chan is the founder of Dotoly, a store that sells animal-inspired jewelry, gifts and home decor at affordable prices.  After selling her products through multiple marketplaces, in her own physical store, and now an ecommerce store, she has a lot to share about the pros and cons of each, and what she’s learned from her various experiences.  On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll hear her story and we’ll …Read More

2017 eCommerce Conversion Rate Trends That Are Here to Stay

We have hardly seen through the first month of the year and the internet is already overwhelmed with the advice and trend pieces on eCommerce. In this post, however, we specifically focus on those trends that can influence eCommerce conversion rates this year. It is important to keep a watch on such trends to keep ahead of the game. Let’s read through what eCommerce experts are saying. On-Site Search Optimization …Read More

Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Product: They Care About Progress

It’s true. Your customers don’t care about your product. Don’t worry, they don’t care about your competitor’s products either. Your customers don’t care about any products. Thankfully, your customers do care about something, which is why they buy your product. Your customers care about the progress they will make as a result of using your product. As Growth Marketers and Product Builders, it’s our job to make sure customers understand …Read More

Making Google Analytics Account Recovery Easier

A frequent feature request we receive is to make it easier to recover lost or orphaned accounts. Loss of administrative access can occur, for example, when an account administrator leaves the company without first assigning another administrator. The account continues to collect data, and users with non-administrative access are still able to log in and use the account per their assigned permissions, but the account remains in administrative limbo. Of …Read More

How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for Sale

It’s the start of the new year, and that means there are a lot of people out there starting on their resolutions and reviewing their current goals for 2017. For many, one of those goals might be to sell off their ecommerce business—or maybe even several of them. This is a great goal, since selling a business can lead to a nice payday for an entrepreneur. Every business should be …Read More

Do Your Tweets Deliver Revenue? Here’s How to Use Kissmetrics to Find Out

The average social media manager gets paid roughly $47,190. They tweet, post, share, like, favorite, comment, and reply to make sure your company’s social media is covered. Some companies use social media differently. Slack, for instance, uses Twitter to communicate the brand and notify followers on product updates. Here at Kissmetrics, we’re tweeting links to our content. Expedia tweets sales offers to the hottest (pun intended) destinations. So with all …Read More

How to Use Reddit: For Beginners and Business Owners

Reddit is a website with two reputations. For Redditors (as its users are called), it’s a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of the internet, participate in open discussions around shared interests, get answers from highly engaged niche communities, and, of course, perpetuate memes. For outsiders who haven’t learned how to use Reddit, though, it might seem like a haven for snark and sarcasm, where anonymity runs …Read More

How to Evaluate the ROI of Branded Content

In 2011, Google’s Zero Moment of Truth report struck fear into the hearts of marketers and companies alike with its finding that the average consumer reviews 10.4 pieces of content before converting. What made this finding so scary? It underlined the importance of content to modern marketing strategies, and many companies feared they weren’t producing nearly enough content to drive conversions. To remain competitive, marketers and small businesses jumped in …Read More

Marketers: Install Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Site in 4 Minutes

50% of the top million websites use Google Tag Manager, the incredibly powerful analytics/marketing tool that quickly deploys tagging across your website. Want to do Facebook remarketing? Subscribing to HubSpot, Pardot or another marketing automation service? Need to add an AdWords conversion tag? So many actions marketers take require additional tracking code to be placed on website code and Google Tag Manager will handle that for us. Best of all, …Read More

The Rumor That Drove 40K Visitors a Day Before This Store Had Any Inventory

The press is always hungry for a good story or something new to cover. Give them that and you can generate a lot of exposure and traffic (plus get a neat addition to your “As Seen On” section of your website). On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from Travis Beck and David Fisher of Paracable, premium fabric-wrapped iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android cables. Find out how they hacked …Read More

Solving the attribution conundrum with optimization-based marketing

Accurate multichannel campaign attribution has stumped the online marketing industry for years. But what if the solution is to stop worrying about attribution, and move to an optimization-driven approach? You know those photo mosaic images, which suddenly became terribly popular a few years back? They cleverly use lots of individual tiny images to make up one large image. If you look closely you can make out the individual images, but …Read More

Low Conversion Rates? Your Copy Could Be to Blame

We’ve heard the advice a thousand times: Your headline is the most important part. It’s 80 cents of your dollar. Visuals are key. Visitors want to see high quality photos, infographics, videos, charts, diagrams, memes, and more. The user experience – or UX – trumps all else. It’ll be the key differentiator in the coming years, so make sure your user interface delivers an experience worth celebrating. Rarely, though, do …Read More