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April 2017

How Netflix Maintains a Low Churn Rate by Keeping Customers Engaged & Watching

With over 90 million customers watching a combined 125 million hours of television and movies everyday, there’s no doubt that Netflix has changed the way we watch our favorite shows. It has also become a prime force in our daily lives — integrating into everything from mobile devices to our language and culture. And with a relatively low 9% churn rate (lower than any other subscription streaming service), one has …Read More

How to Start a Blog That You Can Grow Into a Business

Businesses of all kinds start blogging as a way to build up a long-term audience. But the reverse is also happening where more and more bloggers start businesses as an extension of their publishing. And it makes sense. One of the biggest challenges new businesses face is building an audience for their products. Bloggers, on the other hand, often work backwards, building an audience first by consistently putting out good content, …Read More

Hårda karameller för Charlie som fyller 60 år

Vår Client & Staffing Manager Charlie fyllde 60 år denna vecka. Vi vill i och med detta önska honom ett stort grattis, men även passa på att lära oss av de 40 år han varit verksam inom IT! Grattis, Charlie! Vad önskar du dig av de kommande åren som Client & Staffing Manager för Outfox? Jag vill medverka ännu mera till att analys blir en allt viktigare del för företag …Read More

How to Leverage Your Creativity to Convert Leads

Creativity (cre·a·tiv·i·ty) krēāˈtivədē noun the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Creativity may not immediately seem incredibly relevant to CRO. After all, CRO is often thought of as a study in best practices and procedural experimentation. Today, I’d like to challenge you to look a little deeper. Following best practices does matter of course. You should absolutely continue to optimize your …Read More

How to Stop Customer Complaints Before They Happen

No one wants to hear bad news. Especially if it’s a customer complaint. But what if you could stop customer complaints before they happen? No, we’re not suggesting you break out the Ouija board and crystal ball just yet. All it actually takes is a little empathy and foresight. We’ve put together a collection of the most common sources of customer complaints (and how to fix them) to help you …Read More

How to Leverage eCommerce Conversion Optimization Through Different Channels to Maximize Growth

Note: This is a guest article written by Sujan Patel, co-founder of Web Profits. Any and all opinions expressed in the post are Sujan’s. “If you build it, they will come” only works in the movies. In the real world, if you’re serious about e-commerce success, it’s up to you to grab the CRO bull by the horns and make the changes needed to maximize your growth. Yet, despite the …Read More

How Sanshee Negotiates Licensing Deals to Create Anime and Video Game Merchandise

Geek culture is exploding in popularity. Every new video game, TV show, and anime has the potential to spark a brand new cult following. But how do you go about licensing these properties to leverage them as products? On this episode of Shopify Masters, Sarah Fetter from Sanshee, maker of premium merchandise for fans of video games and anime, explains how she finds and negotiates licensing deals to create and …Read More

The Four Statistical Concepts Every Online Marketer Should Know

Analytics is a big part of online marketing and therefore, it’s essential to have a good understanding of how to interpret numbers. In this post, I’m going to present four statistical concepts I believe will be valuable to anyone working in online marketing. Statistics: A Sexy Skill To some people, statistics may sound like a boring topic, but to others, it may very well be one of the most attractive …Read More

Everything We Announced at Unite 2017 (And What It Means For Merchants)

On April 20, a thousand Shopify Partners from around the world gathered together in San Francisco for our 2nd annual Unite conference: a two-day event to discuss all things Shopify, commerce, and technology. Unite is about connecting with our partner and developer communities who build the powerful apps, beautiful ecommerce themes, and stores for our merchants. The conference opened with keynote presentations from Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein, CEO Tobi Lütke, and Director of …Read More

Earth Day is Every Day: 18 Sustainable Stores to Inspire Your Business

A plastic widget is born in a factory in China. Its life expectancy is roughly two human years. By the time it retires to a tropical island—the beautiful Great Pacific Garbage Patch—or is laid to rest at the New York city dump, it will have crossed one ocean by air and two countries by truck, thrice-repackaged. At every junction in the life cycle of one plastic widget, there is a …Read More