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September 2017

Map: Internet Censorship Around the World

In January 2011, Egyptian activists, inspired by a successful uprising in Tunisia, began organizing a demonstration using Facebook. In a matter of days, thousands of protesters – who learned about the event through the social media platform – gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest the longstanding Mubarak regime. Then, in an attempt to quash civil unrest, the Egyptian government soon took the bold step of cutting off the country’s …Read More

Access all of your data with Data Studio Community Connectors

Since the recent developer launch of Data Studio Community Connectors, users have been able to easily connect to and report on data from over 250 new sources. Partners are also now leveraging Data Studio + Community Connectors as a free and powerful reporting and analysis solution for their customers, with minimal development investment. We’ve already seen a number of interesting use cases. For example, ClickInsight, a Data Studio certified partner, …Read More

Chart: Are Today’s Students Prepared to Make Financial Decisions?

Are Today’s Students Prepared to Make Financial Decisions? The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. In the “old days”, personal finance seemed so much more straightforward. Wages were good enough so that almost anyone could save, and the power of compound interest did the rest. At the same time, it was cheap to get into the housing market, people were more conscious about debt, …Read More

The Art of Reinvention: One Couple’s Secret to Keeping Their Seasonal Business Thriving

Update: a year ago, we met Nick and Amanda Worsley, new proprietors of a brick and mortar store in a small community—their new home. This week, we caught up with them to check in on the evolution of their business. Read to the end to hear how they’re surviving—and thriving—one year later. Summer, 2016: Nick Worsley stealthily hunts flies, bringing down the swatter in quick, deft strikes, punctuating the conversation …Read More

How to Shave off a Few Milliseconds From Your Ecommerce Page Loading Time and Gain a Huge Revenue Increase

How fast should your website be? In this day and age, with ubiquitous mobile connections, you should expect that a majority of your users are accessing your website through a mobile device. For most publishers, shaving off a few seconds or milliseconds from their webpage loading speed can result in huge benefits in terms of […] The post How to Shave off a Few Milliseconds From Your Ecommerce Page Loading …Read More

Animation: Population Pyramids of the 10 Largest Countries

China and India may have similar populations today, but they have very different demographic destinies. While China should see its population fall in the coming decades, India projects to be the most populous country in 2050 by a long shot. By that time, India will have up to 1.7 billion people – and Mumbai will be the largest megacity in the world with upwards of 42 million people. Comparing Population …Read More

8 Awesome Black Friday Cyber Monday Email Campaigns You Can Steal This Holiday Season

As a marketer and business owner, it can be difficult to come up with great emails with eye-catching images and actionable copy. That’s why I like to draw inspiration from other successful marketers and businesses. Free Ebook: How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing Whether you’re just getting started or dreaming up your next big campaign, this email marketing guide will provide you with insights and ideas to …Read More

VWO Research – eCommerce Consumer Survey Report 2017

With advancements in technology, the eCommerce sector has seen a major shift in its strategies over the years. As an eCommerce business, you may be facing many challenges, owing to these shifting paradigms. Whether it is fighting the competition, reducing cart abandonment, or dealing with multiple sellers, the challenges can be multifaceted. In this report, we aim to provide a solution for all these stages of challenges by using insights …Read More

How Lucidchart Used Kissmetrics to Drive Growth

Lucidchart, a SaaS-based diagramming application with over 9 million users, wanted to make sure their site was more than just pretty to look at. They wanted to ensure that it was leading users down the path to purchase. This is how they used Kissmetrics to leverage the behavioral data their users were leaving behind and increased conversions by 30%. The initial step Lucidchart took was to dive deep into data …Read More

3D Printing is Finally Changing the Manufacturing Landscape

3D Printing is Finally Changing the Manufacturing Landscape The right software can change industries quickly. For fast-moving companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Uber, Facebook, or Slack, the piping – such as the internet and smartphones – is already well-established, allowing these startups to scale at unprecedented speeds. For 3D printing and other such “hard” technologies? Things end up being a lot more complicated. A Long Time Coming The rise of 3D …Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing During Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday Cyber Monday is coming up fast and you want to “put your best store forward”. So, you might be thinking about a few A/B tests you can run before, during, or after. Before you get too far down the rabbit hole, know that testing on a major shopping holiday like Black Friday Cyber Monday or Boxing Day is a whole different beast. I’ll walk you through everything you …Read More

How to Get E-Commerce Customers Coming Back After Their First Purchase

Getting prospects to convert to customers is one thing. But how do you get customers to buy again and again after the first purchase? This is where attentive, customer-focused emails come on. Despite some heralding the “death of email” over more modern platforms like texting and social media, good, old-fashioned email remains one of the best ways to seal the deal, engage customers and encourage repeat purchases. So what kinds …Read More

Map: Economic Might by U.S. Metro Area

Map: Economic Might by U.S. Metro Area The U.S. economy is massive on a global scale, and much of the country’s economic capabilities can be traced back to the innovation, knowledge, and productivity that tends to be clustered in urban areas. The fact is that 80% of Americans live in cities – and the 10 largest metro areas alone combine for a whopping 34% of the country’s total GDP. The …Read More

8 Overlooked Mobile Design Best Practices You Need to Implement

93% of Internet users browse the Internet on a mobile device every day. That’s 3.5 billion people who could potentially be seeing your website on their phones or tablets at any given time. It follows, then, that you should be working as hard as you can to optimize your online presence for mobile. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than having a marketing funnel that’s totally ineffective on non-desktop devices. To …Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping For Black Friday Cyber Monday

The dream: a record-breaking amount of sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday. The reality: now you’ve got to fulfill and ship that record-breaking number of orders. Yikes. Luckily, this is a great problem to have, and we’re here to help. From planning your shipping process, to getting strategic with your unboxing, this guide has everything you need to create an excellent BFCM shipping experience—including a new feature in your Shopify …Read More