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Here’s How 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions

The Revenue Streams of the Five Largest Tech Companies The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. Last year, we published a chart showing that tech companies have displaced traditional blue chip companies like Exxon Mobil and Walmart as the most valuable companies in the world. Here are the latest market valuations for those same five companies: Rank Company Market Cap (Billions, as of May …Read More

Why Mobile Web Still Matters in 2015

With significant Web traffic coming from mobile devices, companies can’t afford to ignore the mobile Web, according to SimilarWeb. Internet giants like Amazon and The New York Times are attempting to push their users directly to apps; others are focusing on offering a better mobile Web experience. What’s the right approach? In a world of mobile devices and apps, will websites fade away? To answer this question, we analyzed SimilarWeb …Read More

17 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Homepage

17 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Homepage by Csaba Zajdo on September 1, 2014 Do you know how to build the perfect ecommerce homepage or what factors are critical to the success of your page? We dig in deep and collect every little detail. So, you just use it, and improve your site, to get more conversion. This infographic is based on our research. About the infographic The …Read More