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The Procrastinator’s Guide to BFCM Marketing (Plus Examples You Can Steal)

Your Black Friday Cyber Monday planning should have started months ago. I feel you, fellow procrastinator. I’m editing this post mere hours before it will be published. But have no fear—you can still pull off an epic BFCM sale with only a few weeks to go. From one last-minute junkie to another, a tight deadline is a great motivator. Don’t let the rush pressure you into a bad decision, though. …Read More

8 Post-Sale Emails To Turn New Buyers Into Lifelong Fans

Email marketing. It’ll help you sell more! It converts like crazy! It has the best ROI of any marketing channel! These are all true statements about email marketing, but you’d be forgiven for thinking email is always about selling, selling, selling. Sure, email is a powerhouse sales channel, but it can also help you build customer relationships after you’ve closed that sale. Your brand-new customers are ready and waiting to become fans, …Read More

Selling on Marketplaces With Shopify: How to Choose Where to List Your Products

As Black Friday Cyber Monday approaches, consumers are getting into the buying spirit of the holiday season. But as a business, the hard part is making shoppers aware of your products and offers. While there’s always marketing to be done—on social media, email, and other channels—you can also consider tapping into marketplaces to get your products out there. Selling your products on online marketplaces lets you access an audience of …Read More

How to Prepare Your Online Store for The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is right around the corner. Many people have already started to look for Christmas presents. In less than a month, the biggest shopping weekend of the year starts and the whole world will be ready to spend money on gifts for friends, loved ones and themselves. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday there is a tremendous increase in website visitors, along with their eagerness to buy. Plus, …Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Analyzing Shopify Reports and Analytics

What sites are referring traffic to your store? Where in the world are your visitors? How did your Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing campaign perform last year? What products are people searching for most? You have a lot of questions about your business, your customers and your marketing efforts. Fortunately, answers to many of those questions are in your Shopify reports and analytics. Free Ebook: Ecommerce Analytics for Beginners Find …Read More

Turn Showrooming Into Sales: Introducing Buy Online for Shopify POS

This post was originally published on the Shopify Retail blog. As holiday buying heats up, the growing consumer practice known as showrooming — when customers visit a retailer to check out an item, only to buy it later online — can challenge many retailers. We get it. Showrooming might seem like a difficult obstacle to overcome. But retail done well, especially with thoughtful merchandising and knowledgeable sales staff that represent …Read More

Get Inspired: 8 Great Small Business Stories from Shopify Workroom

What does entrepreneurship look like? That’s kind of a trick question. If we’ve learned anything from the 500,000+ merchants who use Shopify to run their businesses, “entrepreneur” takes many forms. It’s more of a feeling, really. And, when you pack many of these brilliant independent business owners into one space, it’s palpable. We met hundreds of Shopify merchants during our week-long Workroom event in both LA and NYC this month. …Read More

Making a Living While Making a Difference as an Entrepreneur

There’s usually a line drawn in the sand between for-profit and non-profit business models. But today, cause marketing has blurred the line and become a norm, encouraging businesses of all sizes to give back.  In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll hear from Jess Ekstrom, who started Headbands of Hope when she was in college, and now offers a wide range of beautiful headbands and hair accessories for all ages. Headbands of …Read More

Start Selling on eBay with Shopify

Shopify and eBay have partnered to give you access to eBay’s customer base of over 171 million buyers, and this new sales channel is ready to use, just in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday. Just like Shopify’s partnerships with Amazon, Facebook, and other top selling channels, the new eBay sales channel effortlessly syncs with your Shopify store. Merchants based in the U.S. and selling in USD can easily list …Read More

ICYMI: Highlights from NYC and LA, New Lyst Sales Channel, and a BFCM Update

There are only four weeks left before the busiest shopping event of the year. It’s crunch time! While there’s plenty to do to prepare yourself, it’s not too late—you can still get in on the action and tap into the Black Friday Cyber Monday spending frenzy. Since we hope that you’re busy preparing your store for BFCM, we recently introduced ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), a bi-weekly recap of …Read More

Email Optimization: How to Send Promotional and Transactional Emails That Convert

Email is dead. No, alive. No, on its last leg. No, thriving. We all know email marketing is still a powerful strategy, no matter how many clickbait headlines we read telling us the exact opposite. But email is changing, it’s always changing. How do you deal with promotional emails? Transactional emails? Is there even a difference? Seasonal emails (ahem, Black Friday Cyber Monday)? What’s the deal with deliverability and spam …Read More

Launch, Measure, and Learn with New Marketing Analytics

Just in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday, we’ve launched a new set of Marketing Activity and Sales Attribution Reports that give you a comprehensive understanding of how your marketing efforts are performing. You’ll see clearly and quickly what’s working (and what’s not), and can use that knowledge to improve your marketing campaigns. Get on the List: Shopify Updates Sign up to learn about new Shopify channels, products, and features …Read More

Forecasting for Seasonal Businesses: Turn Big Months into Great Years

If you rely on revenue from a few months to sustain your business all year, forecasting your revenue and expenses isn’t a nice-to-have—it’s a must. And yes, “forecasting revenue and expenses” sounds exactly like a line from that accounting and finance course you didn’t take (or didn’t like) in school, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. After all, forecasting is just a fancy word for planning. Even if …Read More

Improved Retail Analytics Help You Dive Deeper Into Physical Retail Data

Whether you want to sell products from your phone, a market, or in-store, Shopify wants to help you make the best decisions for your business. We’re excited to announce new, easy-to-access metrics for all physical retailers: Our improved Retail Analytics puts the data that matters most at your fingertips. You can now track and act on key metrics right from Shopify, like staff performance, location performance, and more. Now, your Shopify Analytics …Read More

Before You Take a Trip to China Looking For a Manufacturer…

…there are a few things you need to know. China is a hot spot for sourcing cost-effective manufacturers, and so many entrepreneurs seek out a factory there to bring their products to life. But as they often find, there’s a lot to navigate. Take Andrew Moore, the owner of Felony Case, who started off hand-making his unique iPhone cases before travelling to China to find a manufacturer. In this episode …Read More