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Spaningar från &THEN

I oktober besökte Ida och Malinda från Outfox New Orleans och konferensen &Then. Fokus på &Then i år handlade om att analytiker och marknadsförare behöver prioritera sina processer och lägga mindre fokus på datainsamling. Slutsatsen är att vi behöver anpassa oss efter övriga organisationer och arbeta mer agilt. Vad innebär det i praktiken? Jo, att vi bildar crossdiciplinära team och byter ut analysenheter för att komma djupare in i organisationer. …Read More

The academic tip: What is Deep Learning?

This is a guest post from Jacques Zuber, Data Science Teacher at HEIG-VD. The commonly called deep learning or hierarchical learning is now a popular trend in machine learning. Recently during the Swiss Analytics Meeting Prof. Dr. Sven F. Crone presented how we can use deep learning in the industry in a forecasting perspective (beer forecasting for manufacturing, lettuce forecasting in retail outlets, container forecasts). Deep learning has a variety …Read More

Interview of Jerome Berthier, Head of BI and Big Data at ELCA

Data Mining Research (DMR): Can you tell us who you are and how you came to the field of Data Science? Jerome Berthier (JB): My name is Jerome Berthier, I am an engineer in Computer Science and I have an MBA in management. After 10 years working in different roles for an IT provider (developer, sales representative, managing director), I joined ELCA in 2012 to head the BI division. At …Read More

Will Data Scientists be Replaced by Machines?

Data Science automation is a hot topic recently, with several articles about it[1]. Most of them discuss the so-called “automation” tools[2]. Too often, editors claim that their tools can automate the Data Science process. This provides the feeling that combining these tools with a Big Data architecture can solve any business problems. The misconception comes from the confusion between the whole Data Science process[3] and the sub-tasks of data preparation …Read More

Career in Web and Digital Analytics – Online Course

I recently developed an online course which provides information on the Career in Digital and Web analytics. The course is a result of the emails that I get from recent graduates and people who are looking to change their career.  This course “Career in Web & Digital Analytics” is currently available on Udemy  The course covers following area: Introduction to the filed Salary Expectation – Industry surveys Various Roles Deep …Read More

Utbildning för marknadsförare och kommunikatörer

Johan, den 23:e november kommer du leda en utbildning i Google Analytics som arrangeras av Resumé. Utbildningen riktar sig till marknadsförare och kommunikatörer. Varför behöver en marknadsförare behärska Google Analytics? – För att lyckas med marknadsföring idag behöver man ha kreativitet i ena handen och data i andra. Google Analytics är en perfekt källa för den marknadsförare som vill lära sig förstå sin målgrupp och deras intentioner bättre men också visa …Read More

Remove PII from Google Analytics

This is my extension to the GTM Tips post by the excellent Simo Ahava (his post: Remove PII From Google Analytics Hits). Essentially, I had been looking for a way to block Personally Identifiable Information (PII) hits at the collection level i.e. using GTM, before the hit is sent to Google Analytics. Why do this? Putting the obvious requirement to not gather PII to one side, if you are adding filters …Read More

Data Science Book Review: Statistics Done Wrong

If you read this blog, you are very likely to be involved in any kind of data collection, manipulation or analysis. When not performed wisely, your analysis will lead you to incorrect conclusions. Alex Reinhart, in his book Statistics Done Wrong, has listed several concepts that are key when analysing data, such as statistical power, correlation/causation and publication bias. The book provides interesting advices and warnings related to research papers. …Read More

What is the difference between Segmentation and Personalization?

What is the difference between segmentation and personalization? This is the question that came up during one of the webinar on personalization by Optimizely. This blog post is for those who have the same question. Basic definition of Segmentation is  – division into separate parts or sections.  For the purpose of marketing, it is a processing of grouping customer and prospects into similar groups based on various criteria such as …Read More

Get “Successful Analytics” book at 50% discount! – one time sale…

If you haven’t gotten around to reading my latest book: Successful Analytics – or want get one for a colleague/client, here is a great opportunity… I am running a one-time sale of 50% OFF all paperback orders – for 1 month only (hard stop of 13-Aug-2017). There is limited stock, so its a first come first served basis. Just go to the Amazon store closest to you (buy 2 and …Read More

Are Spiders and Bots your customers?

Those who know what internet bots and spiders are, know that know that spiders and bots visit your site very day and multiple times a day.  For those who don’t know here is the definition of bots according to Wikipedia:  An Internet bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automatedtasks (scripts) over the Internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are …Read More

Data Science Book Review: Superforecasting

Superforecasting – by Tetlock and Gartner – explains the huge study performed by Tetlock about the ability of people to predict future events (mainly geo-political). The closed questions (i.e. choose between yes/no) are far from real numbers you will predict in business forecasting. Tetlock discusses skills that have been identified as driving accurate forecasts. The point of the authors is that forecasting is a skill which can be improved. Superforecasters …Read More

Outfox är nu del av Dentsu Aegis Network

Vi är mycket glada över att kunna berätta att Outfox Intelligence AB från och med i dag ingår som en del av Dentsu Aegis Network. Genom att vara en del av Dentsu Aegis Network har vi möjlighet att erbjuda våra kunder ett bredare utbud av tjänster och en stark internationell närvaro. Outfox kommer fortsatt agera som ett eget bolag men med ett mycket nära samarbete med iProspect, som är ett …Read More

Outfox på Google Marketing Next i San Francisco

Den 23-24 maj arrangerades Google Marketing Next av Google i San Francisco. Drygt 1500 personer från företag och agencies var inbjudna från världen över för att höra om det senaste (och det kommande) inom digital marknadsföring, bland dessa även Outfox. Temat för konventet är lite som det låter: “What’s next?”, och hur behöver företag anpassa sig till en sådan verklighet? Det kommer röra sig om krävande utmaningar, men lika mycket …Read More

Data Science Book Review: Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions

The book Business Forecasting is a compilation of existing articles. Gilliland, Tashman and Sglavo edited what can be named the Bible of Business Forecasting. It contains around 50 articles that appeared in journals such as Foresight and Journal of Business Forecasting. The scope of the book is wide with topics ranging from forecast accuracy and forecastability, to new product forecasting and S&OP. Business Forecasting is structured in 4 categories: Fundamentals, …Read More