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How To Conduct Competitor Research For Better Conversion Optimization Results

Note: This is a guest article written by Shane Barker, a renowned digital marketing consultant. Any and all opinions expressed in the post are Shane’s. You want to increase your conversion rate. And you’ve implemented several CRO, or conversion rate optimization, strategies to help you do so. But have you considered researching about your competitors? Understanding competition is crucial for the success of your business in every aspect. It will …Read More

Why Working From the Road Is Good for Business (and How to Do It)

Imagine for a second that Walter White wasn’t cooking meth in that RV in the desert, but rather screen printing t-shirts or developing apps. It’s suddenly a very different story, one familiar to many entrepreneurs building a business with limited resources. For him, the RV was a last resort, and the conditions desperate. In reality, merchants and makers are intentionally ditching traditional workspaces in favor of offices on wheels.  I think they’re …Read More

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working from Home

Working from home is something we’ve all dreamed of. You know, being able to work your own hours, wear pajamas all day while enjoying the freedom of doing what you want, when you want. While all of that sounds incredible, it can be hard to stay productive with all the different distractions at home. Free Reading List: Ecommerce Motivation Having trouble focusing on growing your small business? Get access to …Read More

Bootstrapping Your Business: Tips, Tools, and Resources for Scrappy Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping is an approach to starting a business that involves using your own resources to start up. No loans, no fund raising, no external capital. In exchange for complete control over your business, you also assume all of its financial needs, and that means being extra strategic about how, when, and where you invest your money. Many entrepreneurs choose to bootstrap their business, investing some of their own savings into …Read More

Structured Approach To Testing Increased This Insurance Provider’s Conversions By 30%

CORGI HomePlan provides boiler and home cover insurance in Great Britain. It offers various insurance policies and an annual boiler service. Its main value proposition is that it promises “peace of mind” to customers. It guarantees that if anything goes wrong, it’ll be fixed quickly and won’t cost anything extra over the monthly payments. Problem CORGI’s core selling points were not being communicated clearly throughout the website. Insurance is a …Read More

Let’s Make a Deal: 11 Discount Apps for your Shopify Store

However you may feel about Black Friday and the chaos it creates, there’s no denying the power of combining urgency and our human proclivity for saving a buck. In a single minute on Black Friday 2016, Shopify processed $555,716 in sales. Discounts have impact, but how do you make them work for your brand? Yes, certain brands never go on sale. Maybe you’re a very high end brand, attracting and retaining your …Read More

What Happens When You Use Facebook Ads to Sell Your Story Instead of Your Products?

Faecebook ads in ecommerce are often product focused. And, for the most part, being direct works. But what happens when you focus your ads on your story instead? eeOn this episode of Shopify Masters, our guest explains how she saw 8 times as many sales when she moved away from canned Facebook ads to more personal ads that resonated with her audience. Alanna Banks is the founder of Fridays Off, a Canadian online …Read More

The Complete Guide To Using Personas To Optimize Your eCommerce Website

State Of Buyer Personas 2016 established that approximately 60% of the survey respondents took their first-ever buyer persona development initiative within the last 2 years—a result similar to the previous year survey on personas. It has been almost two decades since the term “persona” was first coined and used by Alan Cooper in his book The Inmates Are Running The Asylum. However, organizations still struggle to develop personas effectively. As …Read More

Ready to Become a Full-Time Entrepreneur? Here’s How to Quit Your Job

In most cases, resigning is an exciting but scary experience. On one hand, you’re likely pursuing a better opportunity, such as a new job or starting your own business. On the other hand, letting go of a stable job is always tough. This is especially true if you’re leaving your job to launch a company, or commit to your existing business full-time. Regular employment provides more than just a regular paycheck. It provides …Read More

How to Start a Blog That You Can Grow Into a Business

Businesses of all kinds start blogging as a way to build up a long-term audience. But the reverse is also happening where more and more bloggers start businesses as an extension of their publishing. And it makes sense. One of the biggest challenges new businesses face is building an audience for their products. Bloggers, on the other hand, often work backwards, building an audience first by consistently putting out good content, …Read More