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Google Analytics is enhancing support for AMP on cache

With users getting more and more impatient with slow mobile pages, developers are increasingly investing in a faster web experience with solutions like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Billions of AMP pages have been published by all kinds of mobile sites – from news to recipes to e-commerce. With so much AMP content being published every week, Google Analytics continues to evolve to support those of our customers who have adopted …Read More

Meet the Winners of Shopify’s Build a BIGGER Business With Tony Robbins

For the past 7 years, Shopify has worked to inspire, motivate, and push budding entrepreneurs to fulfill their highest potential through our Build a Business competition. But in 2017, we partnered with Tony Robbins to see what would happen if we encouraged existing, later-stage businesses to push even further and grow even BIGGER. “The opportunity to support more entrepreneurs is really what inspired us to create Build a BIGGER Business,” said Harley Finkelstein, …Read More

Announcing The New Version Of VWO: World’s First And Only Platform For Conversion Optimization

I’m proud to announce the launch of next evolution of VWO. This version has been a long time coming, so the details of what we are launching are going to be long but exciting. When VWO was launched 7 years ago, we changed the way marketers did A/B testing by making it stupidly simple to set up and launch A/B tests. We cut down on the time and effort required …Read More

Underperforming Mobile Pages are Sabotaging Your Revenue. Here’s How to Fix Them.

Your site gets more traffic from mobile devices than desktops. So… why are your mobile conversions so low? That’s what matters most after all. Right? Right. The typical reason? Your site sucks. Plain and simple. It’s hard to use. The organization is a mess. And it’s slow as a snail. But there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the fix is easy. Just build a new …Read More

A Step-by-Step Process to Curate Viral Content for Instagram and Facebook

You don’t need to create all the content you share online. In fact, content curation—finding and sharing third party content—is a must for growing and maintaining an engaging social media presence. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from Audrey Castonguay of Wholesome Culture about the  process she uses to find and repurpose viral content for her Facebook and Instagram profiles.   When people tag their friends…then I think it’s …Read More

How to Master Analytics like Will Smith and Amazon

Will Smith is not just a pretty face. Nor is he just a likeable, talented actor. He’s a businessman and a master marketer. The only Hollywood star that predictably gets over $20 million per flick. Even his movies that didn’t get good reviews, like Hancock and Suicide Squad, grossed over half a billion each worldwide. Wouldn’t you just love the worst of your ventures to make half a bill? So, …Read More

How Closely is Your State Economy Tied to Canada?

How Closely is Your State Economy Tied to Canada? With negotiations around NAFTA continuing on into this week, many Americans are rightfully wondering how major changes to the deal could impact their lives. Discussions are still early, and it’s tough to predict the exact policies that will be affected until negotiations reach their peak. However, until that point, there is one simple barometer that can give you an idea of …Read More

The Side Hustle Economy: 25 Ways to Make Extra Dough

Popularized in recent years by people like Gary Vaynerchuk, the “side hustle” has quickly become a preferred mentality for aspiring entrepreneurs to make additional money on the side. The gist of it is: by working hard outside the traditional hours of a 9-to-5, a side hustle allows you to build a business around what you are truly passionate about. And if that endeavor is successful, it can also help you …Read More

How To Get Word-of-Mouth: 40+ Successful Examples To Learn From

Over the past year, the ReferralCandy blog has been analyzing and dissecting all sorts of word-of-mouth successes: Established brands, new ideas on Kickstarter, and everything in between. We’ve read countless books and studies about the subject: Made to Stick, Tipping Point, Unleashing the Ideavirus, Contagious… you name it, we’ve probably read it. We’ve learned a […] The post How To Get Word-of-Mouth: 40+ Successful Examples To Learn From appeared first …Read More

The Unparalleled Explosion in Cryptocurrencies

The Unparalleled Explosion in Cryptocurrencies Over 300 new coins reached $1mm market cap in 2017 The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. After the massive Bitcoin price surge in November 2013, the popularity of launching new cryptocurrencies took off along with it. In fact, if you go back at historical snapshots around that time, you’ll see that there were literally hundreds of new coins …Read More

Data Science Book Review: Statistics Done Wrong

If you read this blog, you are very likely to be involved in any kind of data collection, manipulation or analysis. When not performed wisely, your analysis will lead you to incorrect conclusions. Alex Reinhart, in his book Statistics Done Wrong, has listed several concepts that are key when analysing data, such as statistical power, correlation/causation and publication bias. The book provides interesting advices and warnings related to research papers. …Read More

Life Lessons from 9 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Over 50

Every week, we bring you the stories of people across the globe—Shopify merchants of all walks of life, at every age, selling everything from gourmet jam to lipstick to guitars. The uniqueness of the businesses run on Shopify and the diversity of the folks who run them is truly inspiring. That’s why we’re tireless about our message: anyone—yes, really, anyone—can start a business. Recently, we spoke to some bright young …Read More

How Bill Gates Went From Childhood Nerd to Multi-Billionaire

Today, we know Bill Gates for his philanthropy and a massive $84.9 billion fortune. However, fewer people remember his younger days. From hacking early computers at the age of 13 to his love-hate relationship with Steve Jobs, here is how Gates went from childhood nerd to a multi-billionaire. The Bill Gates Story Today’s infographic is from Adioma, and it visualizes the career of Bill Gates from his earliest days until …Read More

Food Photography 101: How to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Food

Checking your Instagram or Facebook feed, you’re almost certain to see a constant barrage of food pictures scrolling by like images in a slot machine. Everyone from world leaders to celebrities to your Aunt Mabel seems to be posting snapshots of the latest, most scrumptious treats they’re about to consume. While these decadent pics of juicy burgers and colorful cakes might seem frivolous to some—great food photography is essential for …Read More

Visualizing the Real Value of the Minimum Wage

Visualizing the Real Value of the Minimum Wage The minimum wage has often been a contentious issue, and in 2017 the debate shows no sign of wearing. On the one hand, there are many people struggling to make ends meet, and a higher minimum wage could certainly impact the 10 million working poor spread throughout the country. Not only would it help some of these workers sustain better living standards, …Read More