Scenes from Around the Globe with @everydayclimatechange To…

Scenes from Around the Globe with @everydayclimatechange

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After traveling and documenting the earth for decades, two years ago James Whitlow Delano (@jameswhitlowdelano) launched the collective Everyday Climate Change (@everydayclimatechange) and rallied a global network of photographers to share their images of the planet.

His own concern for the environment stretches back almost as far as he can remember. “Rivers were catching fire,” says the Japan-based, American-born photographer, recalling a period in the United States where widespread industrial pollution had created disturbing scenes. “I knew that something was wrong.”

In contrast to those memories, James holds optimistic on his journey. “In my lifetime — from rivers that had caught fire from so much oil being dumped into them — I’ve seen the return of fish, the return of wetland birds and so on. Actually seeing nature recover. That made a huge impression on me.”


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